So much to do… Not enough time

Like I said earlier, reading other people’s craft blogs got me inspired to finish some project so I can start new ones. I got out some of my sewing stuff… as you can see, I’m not organized at all! I wish I had a space just for my stuff- who doesn’t? Maybe once the kids move out… 🙂
Anyway, Ollie picked out her favorite. Maybe she’ll become the real seamstress!
Here’s Eddie’s quilt for his bed that I started when I was pregnant with Ollie. I told myself that I had to get it finished before I get to start all the other new projects I’m dying to try. Meanwhile, the boys needed something to entertain them while I helped Chris try to fix our front-load washer. I built them another fort. It seems like there’s always a fort in your way these days!
The last time our washer broke, Chris fixed it with superglue while waiting for the part to come. Needless to say, the part has never left it’s box so now he thinks he can fix this latest break using some idea from his latest and greatest- Make Magazine. I don’t care what he does as long as I can keep the wash going because dirty cloth diapers can’t wait!


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