Here’s a cute picture of Eddie holding our morels, aren’t they huge?!


I bought these sunglasses for Olivia at Fredy’s, but look who’s wearing them… I think he looks a little like Elton John!

Little Elton

By the way, I took this picture which I think is a really good one. All those craft sites on my blogroll with their phenomenal pictures have inspired me to take more time with my photos. Let’s see if I improve…

My project for tonight is to try to do this with some t-shirts I got the boys from Old Navy. They were $3.97 so I won’t feel bad if I ruin them. I will also try to get my darn wristlet started. Hopefully I won’t be up until tomorrow!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am sure by now you hear it all the time, BUT your kids are so cute. I mean, really. Love the Elton John look.


  2. Love the picture of Augie! He does look like Elton John a little bit in this picture…but much, much cuter! The picture is really good too…

    Keep up the grea blog!


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