Break for Bread

I’ve never made bread without a bread machine- ever… But with all the rain yesterday and the kids still wanting to go outside, I decided to give them something to do. Forget Eddie’s quilt, the skirts or my wristlet, we decided to give it a try. (Also my sewing area was such a mess, I had to clean it before I lost another needle for Olivia to find!) We made 2 loafs using whole wheat (I’m a white bread lover, but I’m slowly converting…) and it really wasn’t that bad! They weren’t done until about 8:30pm so Augie and Eddie had it for their bedtime snack along with a bowl of peas. Chris couldn’t believe that they wanted peas with their bread since he can’t stand the stuff, but he couldn’t talk them out of it- way to go my boys!

img_0840.jpg img_0834.jpg

Today, my work table was clean waiting me to finish start my projects, and my new fabric is washed just calling me to sew…


-instead, we went to the Zoo. Yes, it was raining and barely 45 outside, but it’s Spring Break and we NEED to get out of the house. Chris couldn’t believe we were still going when the rain really started coming down, but we had a great time. Our trip actually ended with blue skies, and kids that were so tired they’re still sleeping… ah, some quiet time just me and my mac! Olivia- 9 months img_0872.jpg


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  1. Posted by Fini on March 28, 2007 at 2:10 am

    I love the color of the Fabrics!!! Your pictures are super today:)


  2. Yeah, I wanted to actually take a picture of the fabrics since the websites don’t really show it well. I absolutely love the one the the bottom the best. Can’t wait to make me a skirt out of that one!
    Livvie was too cute today too. She was just so happy to be outside, she was full of smiles.


  3. That picture of Olivia is darling – really good. I have often wanted to make bread too, but just haven’t braved it yet. Maybe I will try it during spring break…


  4. I think Olivia looks so much like August! Wow…what cutie pies all three of them are!

    Have a great day!


  5. […] it was hard as a rock! If you remember a while back, I mentioned that we had made the switch to whole wheat flour. It hasn’t been a problem with everything else we love to bake: our Dutch Babies, waffles, […]


  6. […] had this fabric forever and have been wanting to use it for something so I finally decided to cut into it. I drafted my own […]


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