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Not So Good

Here’s a look of what boys think of Sorrel:

Before After

Hey, at least they were willing to try it! It’s like sour candy- makes you pucker up, but you keep eating it:

e-sorrel.jpg a-sorrel.jpg

If you can believe it, they even went down to the garden and picked another leaf to eat!

Then we painted:

Afternoon painting Eddie's Art

I know Eddie’s artwork looks like he has some “issues”, but I assure you, it’s just a cave. 🙂


So Good

I love a good recipe especially one that kids will eat. This one is very easy to prepare, takes only minutes and is always enjoyed by both kids and adults.


Asian Salad:

2 packages of ramen noodles, broken up

3 tsp sesame seeds

1/4 cup butter

1 head napa cabbage, chopped into bit-sized pieces

1 bunch green onions

3/4 cup veggie oil

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup white sugar

3 TB soy sauce

Place chopped cabbage and onion in a large bowl. In a pan over medium heat, brown ramen and seeds in butter. Constantly stir and be careful not to burn it. Pour onto cabbage. In same pan, mix oil, vinegar and sugar. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Once it cools a little, add the soy sauce and pour sauce over cabbage. Stir to mix all the ingredients. You can also add some chopped chicken breast to this to make a complete meal.

Hope you enjoy and if you have one I could use, please leave me a comment!

Edit:  DO NOT add the ramen seasoning in with the salad and do not add the noodles until right before you serve it or else it gets soggy.

More Babies

No, I’m not pregnant again although most of you wouldn’t be surprised with this news from us. (REALLY, we are done!)

We’ve been watching birds from our kitchen since moving into our house. There’s a wonderful green space connected to our backyard so we get quite a few different birds. We’ve even had a pair of Coopers Hawks nesting in our trees! A couple weeks ago, we noticed a nest in our old charcoal starter. A few days later, we had 4 of the cutest, blue eggs I’ve ever seen. This is what we got to see yesterday:

Baby House Finches

They made it!

Aren’t they precious! We love them and hope they all make it. Eddie is dying to hold them and Augie wants to feed them some “wormies”. (If you look closely, they’re even hygienic! See how the poop is pushed to ring the outside of the nest. I wonder if they’re already potty trained or if mom and dad do it?) Chris identified the birds as House Finches based on the colors of the mom and dad. I love how they both frequent the nest which I can watch from my kitchen window while doing the dishes. Spring has definitely sprung around here!

(If you’re interested in more, check out my flickr for our other “pets”.)

Still Trying

I made this skirt yesterday:

My first skirt

As you can see, I need to take a class. It seems like I don’t know alot of the basics, i.e hemming, bands and just getting something to fit! This darn thing took me ALL DAY to make. I wasted a ton of fabric and it still doesn’t seem to fall right when I wear it:

First skirt for me!

It has a zipper on the side and a rounded hem, but it looks funny. I’m just happy I used fabric that was $1.99/yrd! Maybe, I’ll try a class this summer…

Away we went

Chris volunteered to sort-of work this weekend and the whole family went along. He and another teacher lead a little field trip to the coast to clam for Razors. We were able to reserve a Yurt so I agreed to come along with all our kids. (Wouldn’t of considered it otherwise since the forecast called for rain, rain and more rain.)

Chris and his group

Quite a few kids where there with their parents which surprised me- clamming in the rain with the science teacher would not have been something I would want to do in the seventh grade. Still, many were there, as you can see in the photo above, some with boots, most with shorts and bare feet, some with their dogs, and some with their friends or older siblings. I dressed our children up in their boots, winter coats, and hats. They were still cold and miserable after a few hours:

Razor Clamming

Augie did not want to pose for a picture since he was cold and just wanted to get into the warm car with Nana. Livvie had a great time, warm and dry in the jogger watching the waves and all the people:

Ms O people watching

It was a long, wet afternoon, but the worst part was that not a single person was able to dig up a clam! Usually, limits are easily obtained in about an hour or so, but on this trip, we couldn’t find a single one. Chris felt bad, but I think everyone still had fun out in the water with their family and friends, and probably a large bowl of clam chowder soon afterwards!

Clouds at the coast

Morning at the Oregon Coast

FYI… Chris put up this post. Yes, it’s true- he’s finally converting to the “blog”-side. (This is his second post. You may have missed his first post which was an edit of my Reduce post. Please check it out if you have a minute.)

Chris took this panoramic shot. The picture is of the surf at about 7am today. Gorgeous.

Child Labor

Child Labor

One of Augie’s Aunties is always commenting that our kids are child laborers. I would take offense to it, but it’s so far from the truth. Today, as my boy was watching the garbage man, he said, “Mommy, the grass it getting a little long. I think I’ll mow it again.” Well, sure if you insist sweetie!

Since we have summer’s together as a family, (and bought a house with a JUNGLE in the backyard) most of the months are spent working out in it. I have pictures of Augie about 1 1/2 standing on stumps and helping Dad clear branches. There’s some of Eddie scooting across a muddy path with dirt in his mouth. And I’m sure I will get similar shots of Livvie “helping” with the garden this summer.

Eddie's Lavendar


Every year they get to choose plants for the garden and each boy has their own shovel for the countless holes that “need” to be dug. In my experience, they just like to be involved in what you do. Kids WANT to spend time with their parents! Sometimes I forget that and think more stuff is what they need. I need to remember to stop and just play with them. And hey, if they think “playing” is digging out yet another stump or excavating the millionth rock then so be it!