Not much

Like it says, I haven’t been doing much crafting. I’ve neglected my house and kids long enough so I took a break to clean and organize. It feels so calming to have a clean house. I HAD to get my sewing area under control so I bought a cabinet ($40 on CL!) and took several days to fold and clean my area. Big improvement, eh?


img_0847.jpg After…


We’ve been on long walks and to the park several times since the weather has been so nice. It hit 80 today so we even hand washed our green monstrosity in the driveway.

img_0963.jpg img_0972.jpg

With my new organized work space, I wanted to work on something. Last night I got some more shirt’s done and started a couple more today. I hope to finish this dress sometime soon as well.

My little Vader’s img_0983.jpg

We are having Easter at our house this year and are combining it with Edster’s birthday. It should be fun hiding the eggs and watching these kids get so excited over the hunt. (In our house, Easter comes several times a year since the boys love it so much.)

img_1001.jpg img_0992.jpg

Both Eddie and Augie died 18 eggs each with the help of Chris and Joe. I wasn’t too involved this time around since I was madly cleaning the house still. Did I say that I love my clean house already? Well, it’s just so peaceful, it’s wonderful! If you know this family at all, you will understand that a clean house is a rarity for us. I keep saying that we need a bigger house, but then I think about the house my dad grew up in… there were 11 of them in a tiny house probably not more than 1000 sqft. I have no idea how they did it. I just hope that I can keep mine clean until Sunday… yeah right!


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  1. Hey Irene-
    I tried commenting before but it didn’t seem to take so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate. But I need to know how you made the Darth Vader shirts – is that an iron-on? Jakob would love to have one since he is obsessed with Star Wars lately. And really, your kids are so cute!


  2. […] my first new sewing machine. I remember when all my fabric, batting, notions and patterns actually fit inside my cabinet. I remember when I posted everything I […]


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