Away we went

Chris volunteered to sort-of work this weekend and the whole family went along. He and another teacher lead a little field trip to the coast to clam for Razors. We were able to reserve a Yurt so I agreed to come along with all our kids. (Wouldn’t of considered it otherwise since the forecast called for rain, rain and more rain.)

Chris and his group

Quite a few kids where there with their parents which surprised me- clamming in the rain with the science teacher would not have been something I would want to do in the seventh grade. Still, many were there, as you can see in the photo above, some with boots, most with shorts and bare feet, some with their dogs, and some with their friends or older siblings. I dressed our children up in their boots, winter coats, and hats. They were still cold and miserable after a few hours:

Razor Clamming

Augie did not want to pose for a picture since he was cold and just wanted to get into the warm car with Nana. Livvie had a great time, warm and dry in the jogger watching the waves and all the people:

Ms O people watching

It was a long, wet afternoon, but the worst part was that not a single person was able to dig up a clam! Usually, limits are easily obtained in about an hour or so, but on this trip, we couldn’t find a single one. Chris felt bad, but I think everyone still had fun out in the water with their family and friends, and probably a large bowl of clam chowder soon afterwards!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Brave, hearty souls. Looks like you had fun despite the weather. I’ve been wondering if we should try clamming sometime. The kids would get a kick out of it.


  2. Posted by Fini on April 24, 2007 at 12:44 am

    When I first looked at that pic of Livvie looking at the ocean, it sure looked as if a HUG wave was breaking on shore!! But its the mountain!
    You had some great pictures from there! The yurt looks fun:)


  3. […] first day clamming was a total bust, (again) and so Saturday was spent riding bikes and cooking over the camp fire. After those activities were […]


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