More Babies

No, I’m not pregnant again although most of you wouldn’t be surprised with this news from us. (REALLY, we are done!)

We’ve been watching birds from our kitchen since moving into our house. There’s a wonderful green space connected to our backyard so we get quite a few different birds. We’ve even had a pair of Coopers Hawks nesting in our trees! A couple weeks ago, we noticed a nest in our old charcoal starter. A few days later, we had 4 of the cutest, blue eggs I’ve ever seen. This is what we got to see yesterday:

Baby House Finches

They made it!

Aren’t they precious! We love them and hope they all make it. Eddie is dying to hold them and Augie wants to feed them some “wormies”. (If you look closely, they’re even hygienic! See how the poop is pushed to ring the outside of the nest. I wonder if they’re already potty trained or if mom and dad do it?) Chris identified the birds as House Finches based on the colors of the mom and dad. I love how they both frequent the nest which I can watch from my kitchen window while doing the dishes. Spring has definitely sprung around here!

(If you’re interested in more, check out my flickr for our other “pets”.)


2 responses to this post.

  1. They are so sweet. I love it when you get to watch them – and then, one day, they are outta here. Truly amazing.

    Our squirrels are out and about again. I love watching them run up and down the tree in our yard. Good stuff.


  2. love the pictures! they are amazing!


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