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Down to the River

Since we’re in the middle of a little heat wave, we stopped yesterday to cool off in the River:

Whoa! Too Cold Mommy!

Augie and Eddie just loved it, but Ms O took a little while to warm up to it. Soon enough, she was scooting into the water just like her brothers.

Also, I made my first shirt:

First Shirt

I used seersucker since I got it cheap and I had a lot of it. I had to ignore the fashion taboo of horizontal strips- oh well! I adjusted the sleeves and took it in a little more after I took this picture. It wasn’t too hard to sew and I really like the fit of it. I have some Denyse Schmidt fabric that I’ve been wanting to use for something so I think I”ll make another shirt using it. Then I will have to buy moooore!


Sew Simple

I haven’t been doing much inside so have not made anything to really post about. I did want to post what I made out of the thrifted curtain:

Floor Pillow

This Floor/Study Pillow was easy to make and I even added a handle for easy carrying since it’s huge. I made this for my neighbor’s daughter who is graduating this weekend and will be going to my alma mater in the fall. The colors just make me smile! I also made her a simple drawstring laundry bag:

Laundry Bag

Simple gifts, but ones that I remember using alot while in college.

The last project I want to show is something I’ve been wanting to sew ever since we bought our new car:

CD holder It Fits!

A little CD holder sewn out of some colorful Moda fat quarters I got for $7. It took me a couple hours to put together because I was making it up as I went. I knew that I wanted it to hold about 6 CDs (there’s 3 slots on each side), and it needed to fit in a specific slot in the car’s dash. Now, there’s no more loose CDs sliding around getting scratched AND it’s cute to boot! Handmade is better than store bought any day. 🙂


Yesterday, Grandma watched the wee ones while I got two hours of alone time. I was going to use it to really try out my new tool in peace, but I had a graduation gift to sew and I needed some supplies. In trying to Reuse, I decided to check out a thrift store since I only needed some batting and any type of heavy weight material. This is what I found:

Thrifted Linens Thifted Curtain

Aren’t they gorgeous? I found over 30 table napkins that look as if they’ve never been used or washed. The best part if that they are just about the size of a Fat Quarter so they’re perfect for everything from quilts to pockets and cuffs on clothing. Maybe I’ll use some to make something like this for the kids since picnic table weather is here. I also found something for the boys:

Strummin' My Six String

They’ve been playing the it in the house, car and outside on the deck. It’s very cute to watch except when they fight over it. I guess I’ll have to find another…. and drive Chris over the edge!!!


The kids and I went out and about again today as a spur of the moment thing, because if you read yesterday’s blog, I get to buy a new sewing machine. I was only going to “see what’s out there” today and tomorrow had already planed to drop off the kids at Grandma’s so I can “look” some more. This is a big investment for me and I’m notorious for having buyer’s remorse. I’ve been doing a lot of research on which brands were reliable and what options I wanted so I had some ideas when we left today…

So of course, I came home with a brand new machine 3 hours later… And of course, it’s not the Viking I mentioned yesterday… BUT, I DO LOVE IT! This is my new machine:

New Sewing Machine

It’s a Janome DC2007LE. It does a lot of things and I’m itching to try every one of them. It has wonderful options like a needle threader, stopping with the needle down, and top loading bobbin. For some, that doesn’t sound fancy, but for me- whoa! My favorite is that it doesn’t clunk and wake up sleeping kids when I sew = MORE sewing time for me. Gotto love that!

Still Celebrating

I make a Blueberry pie for Chris just about every year for his birthday, but this year it was a challenge.

It began with a shortage of berries. We’ve had to ration our blueberry stash recently because last season we didn’t pick our usual amount since I had a newborn baby to care for, and Chris can’t manage to pick berries to save his soul. (Must be from the years of berry picking and processing in my background that gives me the advantage- don’t ask, it’s not a fond memory…) So, it took me two days to fit in a trip to the grocery store, but finally managed today after taxes were paid, DEQ was paid and Visa was paid. We spent way too long in the car, but finally arrived home with the berries.

Then I had to tackle the crust. I had made the crust the day before, but didn’t realize what I had in store until I took it out of the fridge at 5pm… it was hard as a rock! If you remember a while back, I mentioned that we had made the switch to whole wheat flour. It hasn’t been a problem with everything else we love to bake: our Dutch Babies, waffles, muffins, pancakes and even Chris’ famous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. We’ve breaded & fried with it and the kids haven’t noticed the difference.

But today, I wish I had just 3 cups of the white stuff to make my crust ’cause it must of took me an hour to roll out the dough. All this while Livvie was screaming for more blueberries, Eddie was crying because he skinned yet another knee and Augie was huuuuungry.

I tried to snap some pictures once it was rolled out, but this is what who I kept running into:

Mmmm Who is in the pie? Ms O loves her pie

I had to give up on a good close-up. You can see from the evidence on her face that she had plenty of blueberries before she even got to these!

After nearly two hours of baking and a little burnt crust, Chris finally got blow out candles on his birthday pie. Everyone loved it… warm blueberries, sweet vanilla ice cream and yes, the whole wheat crust that really did not taste different than one the white stuff would of made. It’s all good!

And oh, I didn’t forget, here are Eddie’s Crane shorts:

Eddie's Crane Shorts

Augie is my model since one 3 year old doesn’t “yike dem anymore!”- oh, why do I even try…

I’ve also sewn two other items, but they are going to some little ones in Hawaii so I won’t spoil the surprise. (I’m terrible with birthday’s this year!) BUT my biggest news is that I get to buy a new sewing machine! I can’t wait and am dying to run out and get one. I’ve been researching what kind to get and think I’m going with a Viking Emerald. Any thoughts or advice?

Birthday Wishes

It’s Chris’ birthday and this was where he wanted to go:

Mt Hood

So, we threw the kids in the car and drove an hour and a half into our National Forest. The day was spent hiking around Mt Hood, hunting for Morels and simply enjoying the scenery. We drove back through the Gorge and stopped at Multnomah Falls. We hadn’t been there in so long that the boys couldn’t remember that they had already been there several times.

Multnomah Falls Ms O enjoying the view

They got a kick out of the heights and sprays of water. I could tell from her oohs and aahs that Olivia loved it as well. We were all tired at the end of the day, but it was a good tired.

I did come home and finished Eddie’s crane shorts, but didn’t have time to get a picture before dark. I will post it tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

More Firsts

I love Fridays. In this house, it’s dubbed “Star Wars Friday” or “Couch Cushion Friday”. It’s a great day for everyone. The boys get to pick out a Star Wars movie to watch while they jump on all our couch cushions which have been pulled off and thrown around the room. And so today while all that was going on, I got some free time to make these:

Seersucker Shorts Koi Linen Shorts

I had intended to make seersucker pants, but I started them late last night… and ummm, they were a little lot off. Let’s just say that instead of 3T, I ended up with something Ms O can wear… maybe.

Instead I decided on shorts because I didn’t have enough material to start over with the pants. The pair on the left are the ones made out of seersucker which were supposed to be a birthday present for a special Hawaiian boy who turned three earlier this month. Better late than never I guess. Happy Birthday K-K!

The other pair are made out of a cotton/linen blend that is machine washable. I wanted Linen for the boys, but then I saw the cost of 100% Linen ($19/yrd!) and that it should be dry cleaned- NOT. This linen blend was only $9.99/yrd and I can throw it in the washer and dryer- perfect. The pockets are made out of a cotton print with brown Koi on a red background. I picked up it as a Fat Quarter at Bolt thanks to a gift certificate from my sisters- thank you! Augie’s favorite color is red so the choice was easy. (By the way, it’s HARD to find boy prints that aren’t too kiddish, don’t you think?) Eddie has already picked out his- cranes on a black background, and yes, I got it at Bolt as well. His are in the works so I should have some pictures up tomorrow.

All in all, shorts are easy to make especially these due to the elastic waste and baggy fit. I love the style of these which started out from a pattern for girl’s Capri pants. I used freezer paper to trace the general shape of the original pattern, then adjusted the length and width of each panel to better fit my boys. I now have my own pattern for Augie and Eddie AND I can iron it on- no pinning! There was some trial and error while trying to follow the pattern instructions as to how to put the pants together. After ripping out several seams that I had no idea how the !@#$ they were supposed to all come together, I figured it out on my own and it worked. Hooray for summer shorts!

(And for Fini, maybe I’ll post my own tutorial for these because I know you can sew some too!)