Not Quite

Okay, this is what happens when I try to use an actual pattern:

Another pair

I recently found a Simplicity pattern for pants that I decided to try since the other ones I made didn’t have enough butt room to fit her bulky cloth diapers. (I know that there are trimmer ones out there now, but I stick to what I’m used to- a cotton square with a polyester wrap. Easy.) In the end, I got them to fit, but it required major trimming- duh!

They fit!

As I re-read the pattern trying to figure out which side was the back, I figured out that I put the wrong sides together and my legs were supposed to be the waist and my waist should be the legs. Now, tell me, who says I don’t need to take a class!

Chris told me that my problem is that I don’t like to follow directions and that’s why I can’t follow a pattern. I do have to figure things out by myself so I guess I shall just keep trying. So next are linen pants for the boys with the goal to not rip out a seam. Wish me luck!


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  1. I am so impressed that you are just going for it. I did the same thing when I started bending metal and making jewelry a while back. (Then folks would ask me to ‘teach’ them – hilarious.) It was funny because I really didn’t learn it in any orthodox way. I just bought stuff and played around.

    So, stay with it. Maybe you could take a class at parks and rec…or do you know anyone?


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