More Firsts

I love Fridays. In this house, it’s dubbed “Star Wars Friday” or “Couch Cushion Friday”. It’s a great day for everyone. The boys get to pick out a Star Wars movie to watch while they jump on all our couch cushions which have been pulled off and thrown around the room. And so today while all that was going on, I got some free time to make these:

Seersucker Shorts Koi Linen Shorts

I had intended to make seersucker pants, but I started them late last night… and ummm, they were a little lot off. Let’s just say that instead of 3T, I ended up with something Ms O can wear… maybe.

Instead I decided on shorts because I didn’t have enough material to start over with the pants. The pair on the left are the ones made out of seersucker which were supposed to be a birthday present for a special Hawaiian boy who turned three earlier this month. Better late than never I guess. Happy Birthday K-K!

The other pair are made out of a cotton/linen blend that is machine washable. I wanted Linen for the boys, but then I saw the cost of 100% Linen ($19/yrd!) and that it should be dry cleaned- NOT. This linen blend was only $9.99/yrd and I can throw it in the washer and dryer- perfect. The pockets are made out of a cotton print with brown Koi on a red background. I picked up it as a Fat Quarter at Bolt thanks to a gift certificate from my sisters- thank you! Augie’s favorite color is red so the choice was easy. (By the way, it’s HARD to find boy prints that aren’t too kiddish, don’t you think?) Eddie has already picked out his- cranes on a black background, and yes, I got it at Bolt as well. His are in the works so I should have some pictures up tomorrow.

All in all, shorts are easy to make especially these due to the elastic waste and baggy fit. I love the style of these which started out from a pattern for girl’s Capri pants. I used freezer paper to trace the general shape of the original pattern, then adjusted the length and width of each panel to better fit my boys. I now have my own pattern for Augie and Eddie AND I can iron it on- no pinning! There was some trial and error while trying to follow the pattern instructions as to how to put the pants together. After ripping out several seams that I had no idea how the !@#$ they were supposed to all come together, I figured it out on my own and it worked. Hooray for summer shorts!

(And for Fini, maybe I’ll post my own tutorial for these because I know you can sew some too!)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Fini on May 21, 2007 at 2:35 am

    Yes post the tutorial!!! We always need more shorts!


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