Still Celebrating

I make a Blueberry pie for Chris just about every year for his birthday, but this year it was a challenge.

It began with a shortage of berries. We’ve had to ration our blueberry stash recently because last season we didn’t pick our usual amount since I had a newborn baby to care for, and Chris can’t manage to pick berries to save his soul. (Must be from the years of berry picking and processing in my background that gives me the advantage- don’t ask, it’s not a fond memory…) So, it took me two days to fit in a trip to the grocery store, but finally managed today after taxes were paid, DEQ was paid and Visa was paid. We spent way too long in the car, but finally arrived home with the berries.

Then I had to tackle the crust. I had made the crust the day before, but didn’t realize what I had in store until I took it out of the fridge at 5pm… it was hard as a rock! If you remember a while back, I mentioned that we had made the switch to whole wheat flour. It hasn’t been a problem with everything else we love to bake: our Dutch Babies, waffles, muffins, pancakes and even Chris’ famous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. We’ve breaded & fried with it and the kids haven’t noticed the difference.

But today, I wish I had just 3 cups of the white stuff to make my crust ’cause it must of took me an hour to roll out the dough. All this while Livvie was screaming for more blueberries, Eddie was crying because he skinned yet another knee and Augie was huuuuungry.

I tried to snap some pictures once it was rolled out, but this is what who I kept running into:

Mmmm Who is in the pie? Ms O loves her pie

I had to give up on a good close-up. You can see from the evidence on her face that she had plenty of blueberries before she even got to these!

After nearly two hours of baking and a little burnt crust, Chris finally got blow out candles on his birthday pie. Everyone loved it… warm blueberries, sweet vanilla ice cream and yes, the whole wheat crust that really did not taste different than one the white stuff would of made. It’s all good!

And oh, I didn’t forget, here are Eddie’s Crane shorts:

Eddie's Crane Shorts

Augie is my model since one 3 year old doesn’t “yike dem anymore!”- oh, why do I even try…

I’ve also sewn two other items, but they are going to some little ones in Hawaii so I won’t spoil the surprise. (I’m terrible with birthday’s this year!) BUT my biggest news is that I get to buy a new sewing machine! I can’t wait and am dying to run out and get one. I’ve been researching what kind to get and think I’m going with a Viking Emerald. Any thoughts or advice?


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  1. Fickle kids. (I love the ‘don’t yike em’.) Lexi picked out some jeans at Spanky’s, this great resale place in Vancouver. They are lovely, and fancy and I paid a couple of bucks.

    Now: They are too big on me; I can’t wear the rainbow booty jeans. (Yes, they have a rainbow on the butt.)

    The pie looks so good.

    (Olivia agrees.)


  2. Posted by Fini on May 23, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    I would of went and bought a cake instead of Blueberries~ sorry chris. I give you credit. Three kids~wheew made me tired just reading about that exhausting trip! But hey you did get some great pix of Livvie diving into the pie…too cute:)

    I could just hear eddie…ha!


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