The kids and I went out and about again today as a spur of the moment thing, because if you read yesterday’s blog, I get to buy a new sewing machine. I was only going to “see what’s out there” today and tomorrow had already planed to drop off the kids at Grandma’s so I can “look” some more. This is a big investment for me and I’m notorious for having buyer’s remorse. I’ve been doing a lot of research on which brands were reliable and what options I wanted so I had some ideas when we left today…

So of course, I came home with a brand new machine 3 hours later… And of course, it’s not the Viking I mentioned yesterday… BUT, I DO LOVE IT! This is my new machine:

New Sewing Machine

It’s a Janome DC2007LE. It does a lot of things and I’m itching to try every one of them. It has wonderful options like a needle threader, stopping with the needle down, and top loading bobbin. For some, that doesn’t sound fancy, but for me- whoa! My favorite is that it doesn’t clunk and wake up sleeping kids when I sew = MORE sewing time for me. Gotto love that!


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  1. Posted by Fini on May 24, 2007 at 11:41 pm



  2. Congratulations on your purchase. Happy sewing!


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