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Lovo Feast

To all who came to our shindig on Sunday, a big no huge Thank You! We had a wonderful time visiting, celebrating and eating. Although the weather (IT POURED!) was horrible for cooking underground, Chris and Nana managed to pull it off with excellent results.

The Prep:

(click on photos to go to my Flickr for details)

Prepping for the party


Main Meats

The Lovo:



Leaf Layer

Burlap Layer

Cardboard Layer

Dirt Finale

Lovo Cooking

The Feast:

Fijian Spread

I think we had over 60 people crammed into our house or under “Tarp Town” on the deck. Ms O was such a trooper enjoying every minute of all the attention she received for her birthday.




Back to the sewing side of things:
As you can see, I was able to “fix” her dress if you can call it fixed. The neckline on this pattern is terrible. It calls for finishing the neck with bias tape, but the neck so wide, the fit is awful. You think I would remember this even after making this exact dress 3 times and all 3 times the fit was the same. But no, I forgot to add a little to the neck and cut it out before remembering. In the end, I added another inch like a cuff to the neckline and put in elastic to try and match the arms. The dress looks like a moo moo, but she’s so cute, she pulled it off 😉 … with her matching shoes. I also made the shirt I have on which is so comfortable and easy to make- Built by Wendy pattern #3835. This pattern was great because it was simple and fast. I was able to make two in one evening. The first one I made needed a few adjustments, i.e. snug in the bust- yes, everything is tight in that area! And a little too short in the sleeve length. I made the adjustments easily and love the fit now. I made one out of linen (above picture), and one out of Kona cotton. I never know what kind of cotton to get to make clothing since there are so many types- Kona, Egyptian, Quilting, etc.. Any suggestions on your favorite? I picked one based on the color and feel, but I guess that’s all that matters anyway.

So after all that, I’m itching to set up the studio again. Did you see my new badge at the top? Yep, July is “Bag Month” over at Sew Mama Sew so gotto get going on another one maybe something like this with patchwork and more pockets than my others. Have you seen this lady’s bags?- Amazing! They are all so beautiful and creative. I love her style and colors she chooses. I may be visiting my favorite shop soon so I hope to pick something out there for my new bag…

In the meantime, try a Lovo in your backyard!


New Kicks

Baby got new kicks:

New Kicks

I made these using Stardust Shoes’ tutorial. They were easy and pretty fast to sew together. I used Minkie on the inside so they are super soft as well. I followed her pattern, but added about 1/2″ for Ms O’s 12 month feet. Also, since I used Minkie which tends to fray, I made button holes for the elastic to thread through on the top of the shoe and also sewed the sides of the heel together. These are great and don’t fall off. Livvie liked them too since they stayed on for hours! The only problem that I can see is that I used felt for the soles. The tutorial calls for bonded suede, but I couldn’t find it at JoAnn’s so I picked felt since it wasn’t as slippery feeling as fleece:

New Kicks

BAD choice. Livvie scooted across the grass once with them and it seems like they picked up every blade in our yard! Then, when I tried to pull the grass out of the felt, it started to come apart. My next pair will be out of fleece or if I make it out to the Depot, I should be able to find some there. The boys want “slippers” too so I get to make some for all the kids. Yay!

I’ve been sewing like crazy the last two nights because I have to say good-bye to my sewing machine and really, my whole “studio” for three days. We’re having some people over this weekend so I have to break-down the studio so my dining room can be a dining room again. I’m going to miss sewing since it’s become such a big part of my “Mommy Time”. I’ve heard that those around me are excited to have a clean house, cooked meals and maybe even folded laundry again…. whatever! 🙂

Summer Sewing

I have alot of sewing projects I would love to work on, but I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open at night. I usually sew when the kids go to bed, but that hasn’t happened much this week. It’s the official first week of summer for us and we’ve been doing a ton of yard work and general cleaning up. I’ve also been sick with the terrible cold that the kids had earlier so that has put a damper on my projects. I did get this dress done which I can’t decide if I like it or not:

Summer Dress

(I hate taking pictures of myself, but this dress on a hanger looks like a huge sack!) I made it using Simplicity 3833 Retro Dress pattern. I adjusted a few things- the bust dart because I needed a little more room and I didn’t do the sleeves the way they instructed. I like sewing the sleeve onto the armhole, then sewing the underarm seam closed. I think it has a better fit that way. I added the bias tape on the bottom because otherwise, it would have been shorter than I like it. The dress has a huge 20″ zipper on the back which is a waste since I can easily get it on and off without unzipping it. I’m mad that I even put it in. The fabric is Robert Kaufman’s Primatex Basic’s line which is very lightweight and thin. I like the feel of it and it was under $5/yd so it worked out well.

I also started another dress for Ms O, but I’m having to do some major adjustments since the neck hole is huge and I don’t want to cut into my favorite fabric again. She’s lucky I made her a dress out of it as it is so I’m going to try to fix it… I hope it works out.

After this weekend, I’m planing some major cleaning out of all the toys, clothes and junk we’ve accumulated over the years. We’ve always thought, “oh, we might need that someday,” or “what if so and so wants to use that…”. Man, we’ve got ALOT of junk and I hope to clean it out this summer. I’m writing this so that I will be inspired to actually do it and not just talk about it.

So here’s to a summer of reducing and recycling and not buying!

Happy Birthday Olivia

Ms O turned ONE today. I can’t believe it was a year ago that I was at the end of the most miserable pregnancy and then had to deal with worst labor which required me to ask for an Epidural for the first time. But all that was washed away when this little babe was born:

Ms O

She is such a sweet one with plenty of hugs and kisses for anyone. My little scooter loves her brothers, dogs and baths. We are all so lucky to have this beauty in our lives. Happy Birthday Livvie!

Ms O

CD Poket Tutorial Done!

Please click on the above tab to check out my tutorial.

I hope you enjoy your “poket” as much as I enjoy mine!

Working On It

I promised Fini and Mommie Marzie a quick tutorial for my “CD Poket” (my new name for this creation 🙂 ), but I haven’t been able to get to it yet. Two of my three little ones are so sick with a terrible cold that they are requiring my full attention these days. Ms O is just miserable with watery eyes, constantly runny nose and so much congestion that she can’t suck on her kiki and breathe at the same time. Eddie is in the same boat, but thankfully Augie is on the mend.

Today I’m especially motivated to get it done since some of you may be reading this thanks to Beth on Sew Mama Sew. There’s a nice little article about me and my sewing so check it out if you have a minute. And while you’re there, check out their gorgeous fabric selection… it’s all soooo tempting!

Meanwhile, I’ll try to use today’s nap time for some sewing and writing! I promise to have the tutorial up by the end of the week… so please come back soon. 🙂

Working On It

Kanzashi Anyone?

Last Saturday, I took a free class at our local Library to learn a new craft- Kanzashi Tsumami. It was taught by a great lady who organizes the Portland chapter of the Church of Craft. It was a fun 2 hours session where we learned to make these beauties:

My Kanzashi Tsumami

Aren’t they cute?! All it takes are some fabric squares, folding, stringing, arranging, hot-gun-glueing, and the best part- picking out which notions to add to the flowers. I even added a magnet to the back of one for the fridge and for the other, just some felt so that I can maybe sew it onto something.

Kanzashi Tsumami

This is a Japanese (duh) craft that is used to decorate the headdresses of Geisha’s. These I made are about 3″ across, but most Japanese crafters make them out of silk and finished, they are the size of a quarter! I would definitely need to get out the ol’ glasses before trying to fold all those petals. Overall though, it’s a great way to use up those tiny fabric scraps and you end up with beautiful versatile notion.

If you want your own Kanzashi flowers, but don’t want to make them, check out Crafty Ginger’s creations on Etsy (love that site!). I love the colors and fabrics she chooses.  And also, Green Kitchen’s Handmade on Etsy as well.  She makes beauties as well!

If you want to learn how to do this yourself, check out this site for great pictures and even a little movie on how to whip these up.