Hunters and Their Bounty

Morel Hunting this year has been spectacular! Chris went last weekend and found a great spot where there are so many mushrooms, he was able to pick and choose his limit. The non-commercial limit for Morels in Oregon is one gallon. Since Chris was taking Joe and the boys with him this weekend, he wanted to be sure everyone only took out their gallon limit.  I was requested to sew everyone bags which would hold the amount allowed if filled.  This is what I came up with for their Hunt yesterday:

Mushroom Bags

They are cylindrical with a round bottom and long over-the-shoulder straps so their hands are free to gather the ‘shrooms. I put each person’s initials on their bag so there isn’t any confusion as to who picked which bounty. I was told that they worked perfectly and the boys were easily seen in the forest with their orange bag.

Augie's Haul The Hunters

As you see, they were very dirty boys, but also so excited about the Morels! Ms O and I missed out on the fun since the roads and bridges had been washed out in last year’s snow storm. I’m not about to cross a raging creek with a one year old on my back! Maybe next year…


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  1. Very cute! The J must be for Joe…I was trying to figure out if you had another family member I didn’t know about. Ha, ha!

    So, I have to ask…as I don’t know…what do you do with these Morels once you’ve picked them? Looks like you would have quite a few. I have no idea.

    Great idea with orange too, to be able to see the kiddos. I love dirty boys too…especially when you throw them in the bath and they come out nice, fresh and new!

    Have a great evening!


  2. Yes, it’s for Joe and yes, he pretty much is a family member since we seem to do more with him than our own family members! He really is a great guy and the boys just love him. As for the ‘shrooms, we mostly just eat them over the course of a year. We dry them, then later add them to things like spaghetti, soup, burgers- really just about anything. They have a great flavor and Dayton just saw these same beauty’s at Whole Foods for $59/lb!!! And here, we have our own stash a gourmet would die for and they were free!


  3. Bags for mushrooms. Now that’s my kinda bag. We don’t get morels down here, unfortunately.


  4. Posted by Dorothy on June 6, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    Love the mushroom gathering bags…. Super photos of Chris and the kids! I needed one of these bags when Chris was a preschooler. EVERY walk we took, we both came home with our pockets full of rocks….. ordinary rocks. At least you all come home with something you can eat!
    Love to you….love your blog…


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