Sewing for Others

I love to make things for others. My sister and I have been raiding the fabric stores dreaming up all the projects we want to sew. When her husband finally asked where all the “projects” were that she spent (too much) money on, we decided to get to work. Here’s what I made with Mary’s help:

Mommy and Daughter Skirts Mommy and Daughter Bags

The first are skirts for her and Eleni. I had made a tiered skirt for Ms O using Kuky’s Tutorial, but wanted to use a new pattern I bought to see if it was easier. The pattern was Simplicity 4206 and I did not like it. Kuky’s has much longer tiers which I like because it gives you more ruffles. Kuky’s instructions are also better at teaching you how to make a gather whereas the pattern just tells you to make one. So if you want to make one for the first time, use Kuky!

Mary’s skirt was from a pattern, Simplicity 4036. (I had started it before I bought my Skirts Book.) This pattern was good. My zipper worked out perfectly this time coming all the way to the top of the skirt:

Better Zipper

I’ve learned that you have to put the very top of the zipper tape exactly to the top of your waistline before the facing goes on. Then, when you add the facing and fold it over, wahla- it matches up! My facing was a little wonky though:

Skirt with Facing

I don’t know if facing is supposed to go all the way to the end, but mine doesn’t. I guess it’s good because then it doesn’t get stuck in the zipper. Overall, a good pattern with a good fit.

The purses was my design based on Mary’s specifications. It’s the first time I used thick fusible interfacing and I like it! It gives the bags just enough stiffness that they stand up well and also gives them a quilted look. Both bags are lined and Mary’s also has an inside pocket. They took me a long time to do since I kept forgetting things like the button flap, pocket and leaving an opening for turning. I guess the more you make, the faster it goes… I hope!

Lastly as requested, I made Fini a skirt like mine I just finished. I’m happy to write that it only took be about an hour and a half!

Skirt for Fini

And I love this Heather Bailey fabric! It’s bright and cheery- perfect for those Hawaiian summers. I’m sending the scraps along to Fini so maybe she can make Amai a matchig one. Also, they finally received their package and Fini sent this picture of the keiki’s with their outfits I made them:

Too cute!

Oh, and finally I’ve made peace with the seam ripper. It’s no longer my enemy, but my friend and a very useful tool I might add. 🙂 I no longer dread using it, but find it as a way to “do over”. I like knowing that if it doesn’t end up like I wanted or imagined it to be, then I can just do it over again until I like it. (I have to mention that there was alot of “do overs” during the sewing of these projects!) You can’t do that with most other hobbies!

Whew, you’re finally at the end of a very long post. These projects took awhile to finish, but I loved sewing all these and wanted to share them.

So thank you for reading and have a great day!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mommiemarzie on June 12, 2007 at 12:33 am

    I LOVE the fabric you used on those bags. Way too cute! And I do that all the time when I make things up as I go–forget holes for turning or to do this or that. 🙂 And the skirts are cute too.


  2. Very cute – you’ve become quite the seamstress!


  3. Way to go….I love the husband being the impetus for the business, they just don’t understand the word stash. 🙂 The purses are beautiful!!!!


  4. These are darling! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!


  5. Just stopping by to say that I saw your cd holder on Sew Mama Sew – LOVE IT! What a brilliant idea!! 🙂


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