Kanzashi Anyone?

Last Saturday, I took a free class at our local Library to learn a new craft- Kanzashi Tsumami. It was taught by a great lady who organizes the Portland chapter of the Church of Craft. It was a fun 2 hours session where we learned to make these beauties:

My Kanzashi Tsumami

Aren’t they cute?! All it takes are some fabric squares, folding, stringing, arranging, hot-gun-glueing, and the best part- picking out which notions to add to the flowers. I even added a magnet to the back of one for the fridge and for the other, just some felt so that I can maybe sew it onto something.

Kanzashi Tsumami

This is a Japanese (duh) craft that is used to decorate the headdresses of Geisha’s. These I made are about 3″ across, but most Japanese crafters make them out of silk and finished, they are the size of a quarter! I would definitely need to get out the ol’ glasses before trying to fold all those petals. Overall though, it’s a great way to use up those tiny fabric scraps and you end up with beautiful versatile notion.

If you want your own Kanzashi flowers, but don’t want to make them, check out Crafty Ginger’s creations on Etsy (love that site!). I love the colors and fabrics she chooses.  And also, Green Kitchen’s Handmade on Etsy as well.  She makes beauties as well!

If you want to learn how to do this yourself, check out this site for great pictures and even a little movie on how to whip these up.


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  1. such cute flowers! looks like fun summer craft with which to play.



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