Summer Sewing

I have alot of sewing projects I would love to work on, but I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open at night. I usually sew when the kids go to bed, but that hasn’t happened much this week. It’s the official first week of summer for us and we’ve been doing a ton of yard work and general cleaning up. I’ve also been sick with the terrible cold that the kids had earlier so that has put a damper on my projects. I did get this dress done which I can’t decide if I like it or not:

Summer Dress

(I hate taking pictures of myself, but this dress on a hanger looks like a huge sack!) I made it using Simplicity 3833 Retro Dress pattern. I adjusted a few things- the bust dart because I needed a little more room and I didn’t do the sleeves the way they instructed. I like sewing the sleeve onto the armhole, then sewing the underarm seam closed. I think it has a better fit that way. I added the bias tape on the bottom because otherwise, it would have been shorter than I like it. The dress has a huge 20″ zipper on the back which is a waste since I can easily get it on and off without unzipping it. I’m mad that I even put it in. The fabric is Robert Kaufman’s Primatex Basic’s line which is very lightweight and thin. I like the feel of it and it was under $5/yd so it worked out well.

I also started another dress for Ms O, but I’m having to do some major adjustments since the neck hole is huge and I don’t want to cut into my favorite fabric again. She’s lucky I made her a dress out of it as it is so I’m going to try to fix it… I hope it works out.

After this weekend, I’m planing some major cleaning out of all the toys, clothes and junk we’ve accumulated over the years. We’ve always thought, “oh, we might need that someday,” or “what if so and so wants to use that…”. Man, we’ve got ALOT of junk and I hope to clean it out this summer. I’m writing this so that I will be inspired to actually do it and not just talk about it.

So here’s to a summer of reducing and recycling and not buying!


7 responses to this post.

  1. I like the dress!

    I think it’s really smart to put your plans in writing. I blow off cleaning/decluttering jobs all of the time, but when I write somewhere publicly that I’m going to do it, it helps – I seem to need that accountability!

    Good luck 🙂


  2. Posted by fini on June 20, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    I like it. The fabric is super cute & so is the style of the dress. Wow your really getting good at this sewing thing!
    Oh how about if you add that same trim to the sleeves? I think that would be super cute!


  3. I like the dress, but I think it need an under the bust band. I also like the idea of trimming the sleeves.


  4. cute shoes!!!


  5. Posted by eleanor on July 12, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    i like the dress it looks like it is cool, just happened onto you page , since i am looking for someone to tell me how to make sleeves for a dress that has straps and my arms are to chubby for straps but liked the dress can you help or direct me somewhere ,i have a pattern for a sleeve that i like to use only i dont know how to attach it on do i just sew it around the strap but what about the underarm part ?
    please help , eleanor


  6. Posted by tishitasha on October 26, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    Very cute! I love how simple it is! Looks great on you 🙂 I really love that fabric you used.

    – Tasha


  7. I am so glad you did a review on this dress. I have it cut out and plan to sew it today. I will try it on to see if I need a zipper before I sew one in. You may have just saved me alot of time and a little money too! Thanks


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