Lovo Feast

To all who came to our shindig on Sunday, a big no huge Thank You! We had a wonderful time visiting, celebrating and eating. Although the weather (IT POURED!) was horrible for cooking underground, Chris and Nana managed to pull it off with excellent results.

The Prep:

(click on photos to go to my Flickr for details)

Prepping for the party


Main Meats

The Lovo:



Leaf Layer

Burlap Layer

Cardboard Layer

Dirt Finale

Lovo Cooking

The Feast:

Fijian Spread

I think we had over 60 people crammed into our house or under “Tarp Town” on the deck. Ms O was such a trooper enjoying every minute of all the attention she received for her birthday.




Back to the sewing side of things:
As you can see, I was able to “fix” her dress if you can call it fixed. The neckline on this pattern is terrible. It calls for finishing the neck with bias tape, but the neck so wide, the fit is awful. You think I would remember this even after making this exact dress 3 times and all 3 times the fit was the same. But no, I forgot to add a little to the neck and cut it out before remembering. In the end, I added another inch like a cuff to the neckline and put in elastic to try and match the arms. The dress looks like a moo moo, but she’s so cute, she pulled it off 😉 … with her matching shoes. I also made the shirt I have on which is so comfortable and easy to make- Built by Wendy pattern #3835. This pattern was great because it was simple and fast. I was able to make two in one evening. The first one I made needed a few adjustments, i.e. snug in the bust- yes, everything is tight in that area! And a little too short in the sleeve length. I made the adjustments easily and love the fit now. I made one out of linen (above picture), and one out of Kona cotton. I never know what kind of cotton to get to make clothing since there are so many types- Kona, Egyptian, Quilting, etc.. Any suggestions on your favorite? I picked one based on the color and feel, but I guess that’s all that matters anyway.

So after all that, I’m itching to set up the studio again. Did you see my new badge at the top? Yep, July is “Bag Month” over at Sew Mama Sew so gotto get going on another one maybe something like this with patchwork and more pockets than my others. Have you seen this lady’s bags?- Amazing! They are all so beautiful and creative. I love her style and colors she chooses. I may be visiting my favorite shop soon so I hope to pick something out there for my new bag…

In the meantime, try a Lovo in your backyard!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by akentuckycreation on June 26, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    This looks very interesting. Could you give the recipe for the seasoning rub that you used. Could these be prepared in a slow cooker? I know it wouldn’t have the same flavor, but I don’t see my husband letting me dig a hole in the backyard. I would also love the pattern for the shoes. I have five grandchildren and a sixth on the way so it would come in handy. I also love to cook, so I hope you will check out my blog.


  2. Posted by fini on June 27, 2007 at 7:05 am

    awhh, how fun! Too bad we couldnt be there. Well in about two months we can have another one right???
    Livvie looked so freakin happy hey? Too cute. I love that dress…matched her perfectly! Have fun in BB!


  3. […] finally back- my sewing “studio” that is. It’s been put away since our big shindig the other day and we haven’t been around enough for me to set it back up again. I warned […]


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