Boys, Bees and Blues

The Boys:

A and E downtown

Yep, they’re actually wearing something I made them!
These were done in the Spring, but neither one has really worn them. At the time, I thought- yay, I can finally use some of that bolt of camo material Chris inherited from his Grandfather for something. I had them pick out the size of their letter, what shirt they wanted to use, and even had them help with the ironing. You would think they’d be into wearing them. Nope. The shirts just sat in their closets. Augie has actually worn his every once in a while, but Eddie doesn’t ever wear long-sleeves. I’ve tried everything with that kid, but now that it’s summer there hasn’t really been an issue. I hope we don’t get into it again this fall.
Anyway, Chris took them downtown all day on Saturday and rode just about every form of mass transportation in Portland. (I was told by one 5 year old that they rode 3 buses, 2 trams, 2 trolly’s, one MAX- phew!) It was cold and rainy that day and suddenly, out of the blue, down the stairs they come, sportin’ their shirts. Here’s to my handsome boys wearing something homemade (even with the funny face!).

The Bees:

Yellowjacket's Nest

It’s actually not a bee’s nest, but a yellowjacket’s. It’s not summer in Portland until you are fighting with these suckers for your dinner. Usually, they form their nest’s underground, but noooo. Not this year. This year, they dared us and built their nest right over our heads. Of course, the first thing Chris says is, “Isn’t it beautiful? I wonder how I’m gonna preserve it”. So off to the MacBook he went to research the “best” way to do it. After a little poison, some trimming of the tree, two garbage bags and a couple days in the chest freezer, the nest is preserved and hanging in a 7th grade Science classroom. Don’t you just wish it was your child’s?

And lastly, the Blues:

10 pounds of Blueberries

I picked about 10 lbs of these last week and we’ve just about eaten them all. Everyone loves a fresh blueberry. These were a little early yet, but they are still as sweet as can be. I’ve made muffins and a pie with them, but want to bake moooore. We’re going to go again tomorrow and try to pick enough to store away. It’ll just be me and the kids again so wish me luck!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Your handsome boys are adorable. I feel like can hear them playing!


  2. Posted by Fini on July 25, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    That is a very scarey thing that nest! What is it made out of??? So weird looking!


  3. Our blueberry season just ended, but we had so much fun picking them with the kiddos. No thorns, no ladders, just great fun. You should have seen the one inch blueberry my husband found! I’m sure you’ll all have blue fingers in no time.


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