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A couple days ago, we got to spend the night in this little cabin:
Ranger Cabin

Some friends invited us to share this great cabin that had everything from a shower, indoor toilet, stocked kitchen, and even three bedrooms. During the evening, we had electricity for about 4 hours which was a nice bonus. The cabin is about 3 miles from Timothy Lake:
Timothy Lake

It was a gorgeous day that was spent canoing, fishing, swimming, and huckleberry picking. We also managed to catch about 50 crayfish for the first time:
Timothy Lake Crayfish

We missed little Ms O since she spent the night with Nana, but I was able to sit at the lake and practice a little embroidery using my book for the first time. (Usually, being able to sit for any period of time is just not possible with a barely walking one year old.) With everything going on, I was only able to stitch a little, but I loved it and will be doing more.
My First Embroidery

It was a great trip and one I’d do again in a heartbeat. Wanna come?


He Asked

And I just graciously shared:

Look Who's Sewing

Augie picked out his fabric, decided what to make, made the cuts:
A Little Trimming

stitched the seams:
Little Hands
(Dirty hands I know, but we were finger painting right before this. Yeah, it’s raining…)

Added some straps, and viola:


A little bag made by my little man.

Augie says that it’s for all his candy when he goes trick-or-treating. (Yep, we’re talking Halloween costumes already around here. So far, we’re still thinking Boba and Jango Fett… um, yeah right I can whip those right up- help!)

Is She Done Yet?

So my sister Mary has been redecorating her house for oh, about 5 years now. I think she just wants an excuse to shop. She buys things, sets it all up, then takes it down a month later for something “better”. If she can, she returns the item to buy another or ends up selling it dirt cheap at our yearly garage sale. It would be great if we shared decorating styles, but um… No, we don’t and never will. Anyway, lately I’ve been helping her “update” her decor by sewing up some valances a few months ago and last night, finished these:


This is my first try at real couch pillows. For the inside, we used some “old” pillows that she wanted re-covered since they “didn’t match” anymore. We debated putting zippers in so she could wash the covers, but in the end stitched everything shut. (I figure she’ll probably replace them before they get dirty so why should I spend the time to sew in darn zippers.)

The outside is heavy home decor fabric from JoAnn’s and it wasn’t cheap. I’m terrible at measurements so I cut the pieces a little big to make sure the old pillows would fit. After I sewed the first one up, I tested it on a pillow. Whoops. It was obvious that I gave myself too much room and now the pillows were swimming in their new covers. So here’s a close look at how I “fixed” my poor measuring:

Pillow Close-up

If you aren’t aware already, this thick stitch took forever to do across 16 sides of pillows and used a ton of thread! My sewing machine chugged through them all only catching in a couple places.

Mary picked them up today and loved the final result. Of course I told her I designed the edge ruffle like that and that I had always planned on the Satin Stitch detail all along. HA! Let’s just hope she doesn’t find the “perfect” fabric for table linen anytime soon. I gotta get my boy’s curtains done!


I made this outfit the night before we left for our recent trip:

Funeral Outfit

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it because it was worn for a funeral, but I loved it so much I wanted to share it.

The entire outfit was made in about 3 hours. If you have been around my blog much, you have seen many versions of this skirt. It really is such a comfortable skirt and the shirt is the same. I knew that it would be close to 100 degrees where we were heading and we were taking the kids. I needed something to fit right and wear well while wrestling 3 kids in a church. This outfit did it! The shirt and the skirt cuff is made out of black linen and here’s a closer look at the skirt fabric:

Close-up of Skirt

I bought all the fabric at the Depot for under $30. Not bad, eh? And it’s something I can wear again and hopefully not to another funeral. I really need a break from those things for a while.

And oh- I know it’s several sizes larger and you have to squint hard, but I think it looks alot like the Fall Fashion African Kelli has been browsing. I guess I’m ready for next season’s fashion!

(By the way, the shirt is the Built By Wendy pattern #3835 that lots of others are making as well. And the skirt is my own pattern made from  the Sew What! Skirts book. Go out and get yourself one if you don’t have it. It has wonderful advice and plain instructions that even I can follow.)

I Love My Sewing Machine

I haven’t blogged much about my new sewing machine, but those around me hear me say the above phrase just about every day. And I really do! I was able to whip these two outfits for a special little girl in less than two hours:
Birthday Present

Really- it took me minutes to do these appliqué’s. With my old machine, it was almost impossible to get even stitching and especially hard to control the stitch speed around curves. My new baby can be controlled very easily AND it stops with the needle down if I want. If you are looking for a new machine and are a relatively new sewer, I think the needle down function is a MUST. It helps keep everything in place while you get to move the fabric around those tight curves and corners. You don’t end up with gaps in your stitches where you started and stopped stitching. Now my appliqué’s still aren’t the neatest, but they are better:
Appliqued #3 Appliqued

Little Ms M had a “Sprinkler” Birthday party this weekend which the boys and I went to while taking a break from our garage sale. It was a busy weekend, but we made some money, met some characters, and the best part- got stuff out of my basement! Yipeeeee.

Where Did We Go?

An impromptu summer vacation to:

Jelly Belly Happiness Ms O got some too.
Fairfield, CA for some Jelly Belly’s,

Fresh Fruit and Drink A Long Morning Spent Here
San Jose for some catching up with relatives and a little Flea Market experience,

Ms O Didn't Flinch! B-I-G Skull
UC Berkeley for some dinosaurs,

Elk Everywhere WE FIT!
the Redwoods for some Elk and HUGE trees,

Jumping For Joy Eddie's Jump for Joy

Ms O's Happy Smile

And lastly, kids who are happy just to be out of the car.

We had a great time and are back in our beds- aaaah. I’ve already been sewing and have a few more projects to finish before summer is over. Better get to it!