Is She Done Yet?

So my sister Mary has been redecorating her house for oh, about 5 years now. I think she just wants an excuse to shop. She buys things, sets it all up, then takes it down a month later for something “better”. If she can, she returns the item to buy another or ends up selling it dirt cheap at our yearly garage sale. It would be great if we shared decorating styles, but um… No, we don’t and never will. Anyway, lately I’ve been helping her “update” her decor by sewing up some valances a few months ago and last night, finished these:


This is my first try at real couch pillows. For the inside, we used some “old” pillows that she wanted re-covered since they “didn’t match” anymore. We debated putting zippers in so she could wash the covers, but in the end stitched everything shut. (I figure she’ll probably replace them before they get dirty so why should I spend the time to sew in darn zippers.)

The outside is heavy home decor fabric from JoAnn’s and it wasn’t cheap. I’m terrible at measurements so I cut the pieces a little big to make sure the old pillows would fit. After I sewed the first one up, I tested it on a pillow. Whoops. It was obvious that I gave myself too much room and now the pillows were swimming in their new covers. So here’s a close look at how I “fixed” my poor measuring:

Pillow Close-up

If you aren’t aware already, this thick stitch took forever to do across 16 sides of pillows and used a ton of thread! My sewing machine chugged through them all only catching in a couple places.

Mary picked them up today and loved the final result. Of course I told her I designed the edge ruffle like that and that I had always planned on the Satin Stitch detail all along. HA! Let’s just hope she doesn’t find the “perfect” fabric for table linen anytime soon. I gotta get my boy’s curtains done!


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  1. Posted by Fini on August 17, 2007 at 12:18 am

    Thats funny, I wouldnt think anything either. Looks good!! Very comfy lookin’


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