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Last Days

So our visitors will be leaving us soon. I can’t believe 3 weeks have passed since their arrival. We’ve been busy, but have had so much fun! I know my kids will miss the daily chaos of 9 in our house and will miss their cousins terribly.

Camo Cousins

We’ve been all over Portland enjoying the sights. We HAD to go to the Zoo one more time and were treated to the “long loop” of the train ride.

Zoo Train

We were also able to show them one of our favorite fall time treats- watching thousands of Swifts funnel down a school chimney in NW Portland.

Goodnight Swifts

There was a huge crowd gathered for this yearly event and we were not disappointed. It was a great evening filled with fried chicken, cardboard sledding, and bird watching.
And today, Chris wanted to go mushroom hunting, but was only able to convince my boys to go along with him. They were able to find the first Chanterelles of the Fall.

First Fall Chanterell Find

There will be much more mushroom hunting to come, but we have plenty of time to do that. There’s only two more days with our guests and we plan on enjoying every minute of it.

We’ll miss you Uncle Hill, Auntie Fini, Kadin and Amai!!!


Doing It All

This week has been jam-packed! We started off catching 21 trout at a Fish farm out in Sandy. Almost all the grandkids were there and Papa (my daddy) loved helping each grandchild catch about 3 fish each.

Don't Bother Me

Even Ms O got into it by helping carry all the essentials.

Ms O's Ready

Next was a trip downtown:

Augie Downtown

And of course, Kadin wouldn’t let us go without a couple rides on MAX:

Kadin and MAX

And to finish, we ate a huge sushi dinner and ended the day with a bowl of ice-cream:

I Scream, You Scream

Endless Summer

We’ve had a mini heat wave while our Hawaiian visitors are here so we went down to Wilsonville for some cooling off:

Brothers Cooling Off

While the boy’s, I mean polar bears were cooling off in the stream, the girls were finding their own entertainment:

More Water, Yeah

Although it was 95 degrees out, they still got cold. I guess 3 hours in the water can cool any kid down.

Cousins Trying to Warm Up

But where’s Ms O?

I guess she’s not done:

Enjoying the Water

Too Fast

I remember this little guy so clearly:

August Michael

But today, I sent him off to school:

Ready To Go

Where did the days go?! It’s all too fast for me, and he will always be my baby. I know it’s just Kindergarten and he’s gone for less than three hours, but still! I thought I’d cry, breakdown and meltdown this morning, but I held it together. Augie was his usual confident self. He got up with the alarm, made his bed, got dressed, ate breakfast and was ready before I could shed a tear. I followed him out the front door smiling at his strut with his new mommy-made backpack.

Mommy Made Backpack

I thought that if I had to send him off every day, I wanted him to have a little something from me to take with him. Augie picked out the fabric and size, but everything else was of my design. It took me about a week to make, but it was worth it.

Homemade Backpack

The outside is red and tan corduroy and the inside lining is the same ol’ camo fabric that I’ve used before. It has his initials and an appliquéd triceratop on the front, lots of padding on the back panel and straps for all the stuff he’ll be hauling, and even adjustable nylon straps for the perfect fit. Augie’s favorite though is the inside pocket with 2 slots just for pencils. Everything except for the strap buckle was made from thrifted and garage sale materials or was given to me so this bag cost me less than $5 to make.

Camo Linning Inside Pocket with Pencil Holder

Now Eddie wants one too, but I told him that Mommy gets to keep him home for two more years before I have to make another. I just hope the days don’t fly by too fast!

A Room With a View

It’s taken me over 5 years, but I finally got it done. Augie and Eddie’s room has curtains!

A & E's New Blackout Curtains

This room gets hit with direct sunlight every afternoon and in the summer, it’s brutal. The room heats up and no one can nap long with the light in their face. So these curtains are sewn with basic cotton squares on the front, but is backed with “blackout” fabric which completely blocks out the light. Even Chris was amazed how well it worked. (I got the blackout fabric at Fabric Depot for less than $6/yd.)

The other challenge is that it’s a huge bay window and we weren’t sure how to hang curtains over all 3 windows. In the end, we went with four panels that attach to the ceiling of the window. We bought some cafe curtain rods, but couldn’t use those because of the inside angles. Chris came up with a length of copper pipe bent at the corners.

Copper Curtain Rod

Next was figuring out how to hang it. Those darn curtain things are expensive! So, I used shower curtain hooks instead and sewed in some button holes. It’s not perfect, but hey, the boys can open and close their curtains with ease.

New Curtains Open

My family tells me I’m crazy for sewing a patchwork curtain instead of a simple length of fabric and for appliquéing the letters of their names. To me though that’s the beauty of making something yourself. It’s original, has special features and it’s just the way you like it. What more can you ask for?

I also wanted to show you the other things in the room that I love.

The bookcase:

Bookcase Made by Dad

Made by Chris, this thing is solid wood, holds everything and has adjustable shelves for the ever changing book & game selection. It even supports a huge fish tank that was the boys’ birthday present this year.

On the other side of the room is the closet:

Closet Made by Dad

Again, made by Chris, it’s solid wood and has adjustable shelves. Each boy has their own side and each can reach most of their clothes. The baskets hold the things that tend to get messy- socks, underwear, and t-shirts. They can rummage through to find “the” shirt or underwear that they must wear today.

On the other side of the closet is the Light Saber holder:

Light Saber Holder Made by Dad

Yep, one HAD to be made because the one that came with the sabers wasn’t good enough. These are probably the boys’ most prized possessions. No, they are not the same as the other 500 plastic light sabers we already own. These are different. They light up, make “the noise”, AND they connect to make the ultimate weapon. (By the way, the green tape around the sabers is Chris’ doing so he can film the boys better for his “movie” he’s making- umm, yeah, another hobby.)

So that’s it. That’s the tour of the boys’ room with our many handmade things that are perfect for our family. Hope you liked it!