Are You Ready?

I started the boy’s costumes this weekend and I’m still not done. These are turning out to be harder than I thought since I’m doing a full lining and don’t really have a pattern. I’m trying to make nice robes since Augie and Eddie will probably wear these all year round like last year’s. We were going to go with another Star Wars Theme, but they are in the middle of book 4 of Harry Potter so I thought wizard robes would be a nice change.

Since I don’t have pictures of this year’s costumes yet, I thought I’d share what they wore last Halloween. These are a little embarrassing to show sewing-wise, but the boys love these so much I wanted to share them.

Eddie was a Jawa:

Little Jawa

I made this sack-like outfit by simply tracing his form and sewing up the side seams. I added a hood and sewed a casing for metal hanger bent to hold the hood open. Chris attached small LED lights with a hidden battery onto a black fleece headband for his forehead and also attached some thin material to cover his face. Chris modified an old play gun into a “blaster” and found the “ammo carrier” at an army surplus store. Dah- dah, our little Jawa.

Augie was a Jedi:

Jedi Master

I made Augie’s similar to Eddie’s in tracing his form, but created a front opening and a belt to hold a light saber- of course! Augie’s was very simple and both outfits were done in a weekend.

Livvie was as cute as a:

Pink Bunny

I’m not sure what she’ll be this year, but I’m NOT making a robe for her. I already have a little monster costume so she may have to be one. I don’t have much time to finish the robes between watching kids and a weekend camping trip to the beach so wish me luck!

(I promise to post a picture of the robes when they are finished ’cause I think they’re going to turn out great!)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mommiemarzie on October 22, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    Your Star Wars costumes from last year are so dang cute! I inherited a Star Wars costume pattern from my MIL that she used for my hubby when he was little. Haven’t used it yet though. But it has a Jawa and Vader that look very similar to these. Anyway… can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! I was super lazy and bought Spiderman costumes for the boys. What a bad sewing crafter I am!!!


  2. All three costumes are really cute. It will be fun to see the wizard robes you are making this year, too.


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