While Fini was here, another milestone was reached in our family and I almost forgot to write about it. Augie of course doesn’t let any of us forget so I thought I’d better jot it down before too much time passes and we do forget how great it was! Augie is now 5 and a half AND can ride a two-wheeler:

Augie Two Wheelin' It

Here he is in his signature move, one-handed with the right fist up in the air letting everyone know that yes, he is a big boy now. He learned this the first week of September, but we haven’t been outside much with Fall suddenly starting, but man, it was beautiful this week. Even Chris came out and joined us while working on the kids’ wands:

My Whittler

While sitting on an old stool whittling away, he realized something that I think is totally cool: his grandfather was a whittler AND he had two boys and a girl in the same order as ours! Wow, history does repeat it self, no?

Ready for the Wizards

So there’s my whittler’s creations- aren’t they great?! And yes, even Ms O got one since she can’t be left out. They are carved out of Rhododendron branches, sanded smooth and rubbed with a little lemon oil. Now, if I can only get those darn robes done, my wizards will be ready for some Halloween fun!


2 responses to this post.

  1. How cute is he on his little victory ride–I love that picture. And what wonderful wizard wands!


  2. Posted by fini on October 29, 2007 at 10:53 am

    Those are cute wands…dont forget to post the halloween outfits! Love the bmx bike trix:)


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