Bag ‘Em Up

Every kid needs their own bag. They can hide away their treasures, collect their many rocks, rocks and more rocks, and of course, use it to carry those essentials to Grandma’s. One little guy that I’ve been watching since he was 4 months old turned three recently and I’ve just now gotten around to his birthday present. (Terrible aren’t I, but those darn robes held every other project up!) Anyway, we went down to Powell’s and picked out some books for the little guy and I spent a few hours this weekend whipping up his very own bag.  We’ll call this one a book bag:

Boy's Book Bag

There’s several things that I do not like about this bag, but I won’t be seeing it everyday so I will let it go. It’s lined with the same material on the pocket which I think is way too busy for the front. I bonded one layer of fleece interfacing on the train material, but nothing on the lining. This is the first time I’ve used the fleece interfacing and I really like it. It gives the bag a little weight and stiffness, but it’s still soft. I also used a satin stitch to spell out his name on a little green scrap, but I wish I used white or a lighter color since it seems to blend in too much.  I squared off the bottom so that it’ll fit lots-o-books and anything else he wants to shove in there.  The books I got fit inside with room to spare and I think overall, Liam will like it. Heck, every kid loves anything with their name on it!

And just so you don’t think I left my boys out, I made these for them just hours before trick-or-treating on Halloween night:

More Bags!

They are made out of thrifted corduroy with appliquéd bats and pumpkins. They each have their initials above the bats and really it’s straighter than it looks in the picture. 🙂 These were filled just about to the top after a great night of trick-or-treating and the best of all- my seams held!

Currently these bags are being used to hold their ever-growing dinosaur collection, but I’m sure they will be dragged through the mud and leaves soon ’cause I haven’t stepped on a rock or stick in my house in days. I’m sure we need to replenish the stash and today’s a beautiful day to do it. I hope you get out and enjoy some wonderful Fall weather as well!


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  1. All the bags are great! Some projects certainly consume our time more than others. My weekend golf club covers took a lot more time than I really wanted to spend on them. Ah well, it’s done and we can both go on to other things. I hope Liam’s birthday was a happy time for him.


  2. […] And immediately wanted them off. Since the slippers were pretty much done, I decided to add the snack bags to their gift just in case the slippers get pushed aside. I hate giving a gift that isn’t used. I know that the snack bag will be put to good use since toddlers can’t seem to go far without some sort of snack. And remember, every child *has* to have a bag with their name on it. […]


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