Rangers Rock!

We love the beach around here. Any chance we get, which is not as often anymore, we all head down for a day or two of play. Last month, we headed down for the weekend hauling all three kids and a new tent:

Ms O Wants In

I wasn’t too excited to be “tenting it” with all three kids in October, but there was a great low tide (perfect for razor clamming) and no rain in the forecast. What more can you ask for?! We were even planing on a quick stop on the way back for some coastal Chanterelles.

The first day clamming was a total bust, (again) and so Saturday was spent riding bikes and cooking over the camp fire. After those activities were exhausted, we noticed that there was a Ranger Show about mushrooms in the afternoon. We were all tentative about attending since the shows are known to be rather lame and aimed at kids mostly. But, being avid mushroomers, we HAD to check it out… And thank goodness did because look at what was discovered:

Augie with our first Porcini

PORCINI’s EVERYWHERE! People were roaming campsites and coming out with grocery bags full of these beauties. We knew that there were some boletes around, but KING boletes and right on the camp-grounds- whoa! Most of Sunday was spent searching for these and we were able to bring home several pounds.

So overall, we had a wonderful trip and will now be making our October trip a permanent yearly event. Oh, and we did get some time to play on the beach:

Beautiful Day

And get dirrrrty:

A and E with their Sand Castle

The Oregon Coast is truly amazing!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I was checking my reader when, BAM, your post came over the waves. Or something…I don’t know how it works. Great pictures; very well done.

    (I am still working out the details for Friday with Greg. He should be calling/emailing me soon to check in from Eugene and I will get in touch. Have a great afternoon.)


  2. What a success your trip turned out to be. I’ve never been mushrooming. My only experience has been in the grocery store so this was an interesting post for me to read.


  3. […] We’ve just about made this weekend an annual October event at the beach.  As I said last time, it’s not the best time of year to be at the beach, but we lucked out and scored one night in […]


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