I Love

Kid drawing:

This is Darth Vader drawn by Augie last week. We’ve had it hung up in our entryway and I should take it down since it’s getting torn, but I can’t bare to take it down yet. Maybe just one more week…

New Christmas Fabric:

Christmas Stash

I found these last week and just got them all washed and ready for some sewing this weekend. Yay for the Holidays!

Ollie our Owl:

Meet Ollie

Don’t look too close since she was done in about an hour so is very sloppy, but I still love her. I made this using Moonstitches “Tutowlrial”. It’s a little funny to sew because there aren’t any dimensions or patterns to follow on her site, but she has great pictures of the sewing part. My owl stands about 6 inches tall and she’s fat, but that makes her easier to hug right?

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and spend many happy hours with family~


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fini on November 24, 2007 at 9:39 am

    Im thinking you should frame that picture. I love the xmas tree, and green and red flower one! Those are nice ones. Cant seem to find any cute ones here. What are you making???


  2. I love love love that tree fabric! Where did you find it?


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