All That

So I just made myself some labels. I love them and think they turned out great:

My Homemade Labels!

I used my regular printer and some “Photo Fabric”. I designed my label using my Mac’s Printshop program, printed it out on the fabric sheet, peeled off the paper backing, rinsed in my kitchen sink and blotted dry. After ironing and cutting, they were ready to be sewn onto something.

Thinking I was *all that* and official-like, I whipped up a pair of pants and added my new label:

Looks *All That*, eh?

I thought- hey I’m getting pretty good, I’ll have these done and in the mail before Amai’s birthday- which would be rare for me! So as I was hurrying this morning trying to get it all done with the last step of pinking the ugly seam allowance on the cute cuff and then…


Aaaaaaaaaargh! While pinking, I caught part of the leg and cut a d@#$ huge hole.

Augie saw me hanging my head with my sad face and came running over asking what happened. In an instant he made me feel better saying, “You can fix it Mommy. You can just add a patch or something. It’s not ruined. You can do it.”

Umm, yes it is and no, Mommy can’t fix it.

I guess I’m not *all that*.

But I do have my labels- and of course my beautiful boy.


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  1. I love the labels, Irene. So cute.

    I might have to tell other people about that fabric paper. Genius.

    (Augie is too precious. He has a big heart.)


  2. Augie is indeed precious, kids have such tender hearts. The labels are gorgeous and you get exactly what you want, way to go!!


  3. Oh. my. goodness. You poor, poor woman! Gosh, I feel your pain! The last photo, sheesh, it makes me cringe. So sooo sorry. You know we all totally felt a serious, sharp, stabbing pang for you when we read the line under the photograph, right?

    Anyway, moving on… those labels, too wonderful. I saw them and wondered immediately what amazing place you’d gone to to order them. But, no! You did that yourself. Be proud, be very proud! And just ignore that &*^@! hole. I am.


  4. Your new labels are gorgeous. I used the same process to make mine, too.

    What a shame about the pants. They are adorable. I love the fabric and used some for a little Bend the Rules Sewing clutch recently. Maybe you could cut the cute little hems off and re-sew them on to the pants–kind of make them capris instead of long pants. I don’t know if this will work but I hope you come up with a solution as they really are as cute as they can be.


  5. The pants are darling, and I’ve done the same thing. I usually say bad words. I agree with June; perhaps you could remove the hem, and trim off that little bit. Make them a bit shorter.


  6. Oh, I have done the same thing! It’s always when you are in a hurry, and it’s always just as you think you are finished!
    Beautiful labels!


  7. Posted by fini on November 30, 2007 at 9:10 am

    Oh the labels are so good:) Wow totally looks like something you would buy. Nice design. Love it. The pants…Im sure you will think of something. Augie had a great idea! They are still very cute. Ame amai will love them!


  8. The labels are a great idea! And the pants…how about stitching the rip closed, then hiding it on the outside with another layer of ruffle (maybe white eyelet?) and on the inside with a plain ribbon?


  9. First – the labels are terrific! That’s a great design. Second – your third commenter was right – I felt such pain for you with your cut! Happens to us all (I had a huge fabric rip when I had too much tension on something the other day) and I’m sure that you will come up with something brilliant to fix it all up beautifully. We believe in you!


  10. OOhh….I’ve done that before – such an awful feeling, when you are almost done with a project!! However, Augie is so sweet, and the labels are super cute! Hope you’re having a great December so far!



  11. I actually agree with Augie. Take some of that striped fabric you used for the cuff and make a heart patch or something. It was a heart-wrenching photo to see as the pants and fabric are adorable.

    Great labels, BTW.


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