Alright, I was able to fix the pants, but now they are no longer pants, but are capris:


Thank goodness this little one lives in Hawaii! I think the pants capris will be a little wide-legged, but that’s okay. We’ll just say that they have a little Japanese flare. I added a shirt with her initial and of course, gotta add some mushrooms. 😉

And since she is turning two, we have to mark the momentous occasion with another shirt for the outfit. I love this striped fabric!

Added a Shirt too

And now onto Christmas presents:

Can you believe I made these complete outfits in ONE day?

Christmas Outfits

Yep, that’s right. Sunday was a great sewing day mostly because Ms O took a 4 hour nap. I was able to get a ton of sewing done so I am a very happy mama. (I still have a TON on my list since I’m trying to do mostly handmade gifts this year, but at least I’m crossing stuff off. I’m not giving up!)

Since these outfits are going to Hawaii, I made sure the denim is really thin and a little stretchy. Now that I’m looking at these pictures, I think they look a little like school uniforms, no? Oh well, they can mix and match.

Love this skirt fabric!

This skirt is one I’ve made a few times, but used the measurements from the Sewing for Dummies pattern #4206. I like Kuky’s tutorial, but knew that her pattern calls for *alot* of fabric with *alot* of gathers. I was using denim and knew that the denim would get thick fast so I went with the Dummies’ dimensions (ha!), but still followed Kuky’s directions.

I even made little Caps to go along with these. Chris thought I was putting initials on way to many things, but you gotta tell them apart right? The shirts I did not make, but just added the appliqués. So all and all, complete little outfits that can be worn apart or together. It’s good.

Next- more skirts, pants, Caps, appliquéd shirts, wristlets, purses, grocery totes and even wall pockets. What are you making?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice capris, and no one would ever know you didn’t intend that if you hadn’t said so! 🙂 I am making a version of the stuffed stars you posted a few days ago, because I really loved that idea. I am adding bells to my version.


  2. These are great outfits! I can’t believe you finished them in one day.


  3. Posted by fini on December 6, 2007 at 1:49 am

    Love it!


  4. You really did an awesome job modifying the pants into capris–they will be loved, short or long. All your sewing projects are wonderful.


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