It’s been a challenge. This is the first Christmas where Augie is truly understanding the whole Christmas + presents thing. I mean, he understands that he will be receiving gifts. I’ve been trying to emphasize that it’s not all about gifts, but then most of what he hears is what he wants for Christmas or what to buy people.

We’ve sat down several times to try and make Christmas presents for his aunts, uncles and cousins. I really wanted him to take the time this year to be involved with the whole gift giving part. The problem though is that it’s been a disaster every time. I’m trying to have the kids make things that won’t end up in the garbage or that are so tacky even I wouldn’t want it hung up. I’ve racked my brain, spent hours online reading crafts sites and blogs trying to get ideas. Things are either too expensive for the basic supplies or are simply above their abilities. I have a Xyron 900 which can laminate things well so I plan on having them draw everyone a picture that I will make into an ornament or luggage tag or something.

In the end, I’ve come to a conclusion: They are just too young for good home crafting. (Augie is 5, Eddie is 3 and Ms O is just 18 months.) Instead, I went to this site and ordered some of these with a picture of each kid on a mug. For $80, I think these would be appreciated more and they should last for some time.

Or am I giving up?


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  1. Give yourself a break, don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re doing just fine, not giving up, just being realistic. Maybe next year you can have the two older boys draw pictures (earlier, sometime in October, maybe, ha!) and you can embroider or heat transfer them and make placemats, coasters, whatever. You’d still be making the final professional-looking product, but they’d have contributed a large part. They could even help pick out colors or patterns based on the person they were giving to, maybe. Or what about baking cookies, or dipping things (pretzels, Oreos, biscotti) in chocolate? You all would have fun together and the recipients would eat everything no matter what, I’ll bet. Anyway, I’ve rambled because I totally know where you’re coming from. I have two girls, 5 and 2, and sometimes the group crafting can be very trying, to say the least…

    Good luck, take a deep breath, and have a happy holiday!


  2. My boys are just 5 and 19 mos. The best kid craft this year has been the older one painting on pre-cut wooden shapes, to be turned into ornaments. He saw it on a blog and wanted to do it. I’m not sure he’s willing to give them away, though. 😉 My sister, on the other hand, was blanket stitching stuffed felt ornaments when she was four. Boy/girl difference? I don’t know. Oh, there’s also the glass ball ornament with a bit of acrylic paint and glitter inside to swirl around. My older one liked doing that.


  3. They are still pretty little and you have extra little people afoot too – the time will come.

    My kids made ornaments when they were very little. I think it was more about getting to do part of it, than the item itself.

    (Some of them are pretty funny now.)


  4. I tried to make simple rice krispies to give away with my kids (4 and 2) last night.

    You are not giving up, but being realistic. You will all enjoy crafting together more as they get older. BTW, if you have a minute can you come help me scrape the marshmallow cement from my countertops?


  5. No, I would love to get a mug like that…personalized with the kiddos! I try a couple things with the boys too, and it’s hard. They come up with cute things, but not necessarily “gift giving” quality! In time, my friend, in time.

    Take care!!


  6. My kiddo is 3, and I always have him make ornaments. Last year it was pretty easy. This year? Oh man, it was like pulling teeth.

    I think everyone just does what they have to do to make it through the insanity, if mugs are the answer, then mugs are the answer. Don’t sweat the decision.


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