Very Merry

I sure hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

Around here, things were CRAZY! I was sewing right up to Christmas day and didn’t have time for anything including laundry, cooking, cleaning and least of all blogging. Crazy I tell you.

And yet, this has been the best Christmas I can remember. The kids really got into it with the decorating, cookie baking, and present making. The best is their total belief in Santa. We don’t talk much about him around here except to say that he’s a very generous man who brings every kid a present. We’ve never made them sit on his lap or brought up the naughty list thing. It makes things a little less complicated.

So, we got all dressed up and thanks to Auntie Mary, they ALL matched this year:

All Dressed Up

How cute is that? I kept thinking all night long, how darn cute they were all dressed up.

Christmas day was filled with lots of surprises and lots of chocolate. And if you live anywhere near the NW, you know that we got an extra special treat that morning- SNOW!

It's Snowing!

Chris claims that it’s snowed on Christmas day only one other time that he can remember so you can imagine the excitement. It snowed for about 3 hours and there was enough to have a great snowball fight, but everything melted by the time we got ready to go to Grandma’s for dinner. Perfect.

I hope your Christmas was great and filled with many moments of happiness.


2 responses to this post.

  1. They are so darling, dressed alike. What a great shot.

    So glad you had a good holiday with the kiddos.


  2. The kids are totally adorable! I am so glad y’all had a wonderful Christmas, so did I.


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