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Blown Away

Recently, we drove out to the Gorge to some of our favorite spots with an old college friend. It’s about an hours drive, but we’re entertained most of the way by the kids screaming “waterfall!” every time one is spotted. In Gorge, this means the car was not a quite one by any means.

The first stop was, of course, Multnomah Falls, but then we went to our next favorite, Oneonta Falls:

Quick Gorge Walk

It was very cold and everything was wet from some recent snow, but it was gorgeous.

At the Bottom of Oneonta Falls

We didn’t make it up the canyon to see the actual Falls because of log debris and high water which the kids couldn’t maneuver, but everyone still had fun.

The last stop was Crown Point which is just about the windiest spot in the Gorge:

Blown Away

Augie and his little 40 pound body could barely stand without being pushed over by the wind. And he loved every minute of it!


Went Fishing

Hi there.

Did anyone wonder where I went? Probably not. But to the few who did, I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had a serious blog-block. Well, more like blog-lazy or blogged-out. The holidays hit me hard this year and I needed a little down time to rest, play and get some house things done. (Yes Nana, I finally got my ironing caught up.)

I’ve missed it so I’m back AND even with something to share:

Fishing Anyone?

Can you guess what it is?
This was one of the Christmas presents I made for my kids as well as all the cousins. It’s what I was writing about here.

Fishing Game

The whole thing came out just as I imagined thanks to a little inspiration from here and here. Each set comes with 15 fabric fish and starfish that are lightly stuffed with a magnet sewn into the fish noses or starfish tip.

Fishy Close-up

I sewed the magnets in place to keep them from moving around and getting lost in the fish. The kids can alway rely on the magnet being in the same place therefor it helps with the “catch”.

Fishing Poles

This was a shared project with the poles and the “bait” made by Chris. The poles are bamboo from our backyard which were sanded down to hopefully lower the risk of serious eye damage. He drilled a hole through the top to string some twine and attached the wooden bugs. Each set came with two poles so Chris had to carve 6 bugs, drill holes for the magnet, glue it in place, then paint and seal each one. (Funny thing is that the boys thought Chris was carving peanuts and with Eddie’s terrible lisp, it came out more like “peeenush”. Yes, you pronounced it right. Chris and I still call them “peenushes” for a cheap laugh.)

These fishing sets were fun to make and I love watching the kids play with something made by both Mom and Dad.