Something New, Something Old

Okay, here’s the first of the presents to go out the door.

The first is something I haven’t tired until now- Burp Cloths:

Burp Cloths

These are made with thick, unbleached cloth diapers with a super soft flannel sewn onto the middle panel. I used another one of Joanna’s great tutorials. (I’ve used her cloth shoe and splat mat tutorials and love them. She has great tips.)
Really, these were super easy and fast to whip up. The bad part was getting the flannel straight on the cloths without the edges looking all wonky. Read all of Joanna’s suggestions closely because you DO have to fold the burp cloth first to find the correct size of the panel to sew. Also, PIN it in place. Even though it looks like a quick and easy sew, the pieces don’t stay in place. Maybe it was all the stretchy material I was using, but in the end I think the new mom will appreciate them.

I also made this baby a little blanket:

Easy Baby Blanket

Again, easy with just two pieces of fabric, a yard each, sewn with right sides together, turned right side out and topstitched. I was going to sew a block quilt with a couple different fabrics, but like always, I didn’t buy enough so ended up with this. Oh well.

The last gift is for the baby’s older sisters. We can’t leave them out so I made them my old favorite- Tiered Skirts:

Tiered Skirt Sister's Tiered Skirt

They were supposed to be exactly the same, but yes- you guessed it- I didn’t buy enough fabric so I had to search through my stash and improvised with the solid blue fabric. (You will not believe how much fabric a couple little skirts require! I needed 2 yards and only bought a little over one so I was way short.

I did learn something new when making these this time. I have a “gathering” foot, but I can never get the darn thing to work right so I was messing around and found a better way to make these gathers. I set my stitch length to the longest possible one and my tension to the highest number which is the tightest. I then sew a straight line about 1/4″ from the raw edge and it makes the gathers perfectly! Usually, I like to have alot of gathers, but with my shortage on fabric, I didn’t have enough to make these really fluffy. I love the bright colors and I think the girls will too.

So that’s it for now, next up, Grandpa’s Bento Box quilt. I just hope mine looks even half as good as this one. If you get a chance, check out her blog, My Aunt June. This girl’s got talent!

Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments for the Giveaway. I really love reading them so please do so more often. Tomorrow’s the big day so get your comment in and maybe I’ll pick YOU!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Gorgeous stuff mama.. You have been busy!


  2. Love the burp cloths. I recently made some for my new niece and had trouble keeping the fabric from moving around, too. But yours look great!


  3. Great blankets! I have a friend that is expecting with her first and I love making her things for the baby. If your not too busy, which I know you are by the sewing you manage to accomplish while raising kids, please check out my new blog. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have much to learn.


  4. Posted by clothmama on February 11, 2008 at 5:33 am

    You have soem true talent! Those are great and I love the burp cloths too!


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