And the Winner Is…

Congrats to Janet and Steph who are my two winners of my 100th post giveaway! The prize is on it’s way ladies. Thank you to all who left a comment. I’m enjoying checking out your blogs and am again inspired by all your craftiness. Check out Janet’s great quilt (inspired by SMS’s Quilt month) and Steph’s great idea for easy felt food.

Things around here have turned to quilts as well. I started cutting, piecing and sewing my Bento Box Quilt for Grandpa last night.

Bento Quilt Started

Of course, my measuring was off as usual and pieces are a little long… and short (don’t ask me how), but I think I can fix it. I’ve never followed a quilt pattern before. In some ways, it’s nice to not have to calculate everything- number of colors and yardage, block size, how many to make the size you want, the backing yardage, etc… But when I sat down to see if I bought enough fabric, it was hard trying to figure out someone else’s explanation. I begged Chris to sit down with me and help.

“Please, pleeeeeease, it’ll take me so much loooonger if I have to figure it out by myself.” It’s true, I hate math and will try anything to not have to think. My sisters claim I’m good at it which is why I can sew. Whatever.

After whining some more, he agreed to sit down and together we figured it out and YES- I bought enough fabric. Yipee. Nothing will stop me now from getting this quilt done in 2 weeks…

Well, as long as I don’t go out with these ladies anymore:

Fijian Mamma's

They promised me some authentic Roti Curry the other night and I couldn’t resist. I didn’t get home until almost midnight and still had to clean my house for the kids the next day. Aaaargh. It was fun and the food amazing as always, but that Kava can lay you down!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love that picture of your party friends. It’s great news: the fun never has to stop.

    Take care.


  2. I am thrilled to win a little present from you. Thank you so much. A

    s for your friends there – they look like they could, and would lead you astray from housework any day – but then again, what are friends for if not this!

    Thank you for the link to my blog. I am really keen on patchwork at the moment – but I have some writing which MUST be done this weekend…

    Janet McKinney


  3. […] yes, I did get the quilt done (I even had time to take a nap before the party! How unheard of is THAT?), but more on that […]


  4. I just found out about your inspiring blog and I love it! I love the ideas and the pictures of your beautiful family…and I love roti too! It is famous overhere in the Netherlands as a Surinam recepy and I make it sometimes too, yummie!


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