Easter Goods


Like I promised, these were whipped up the night before Easter. I made each kid, my 3 plus 5 cousins plus a family friend, 4 books of different sizes and tied some pencils, a pen and a pencil sharpener to each gift “pack”. I of course added some chocolate bunnies and my two boys got their first watches. Eddie keeps informing us that it’s 90:40 and we “gotto go!”

All Ready to Give

Each pack was opened up pronto and put to great use.

Augie's Book

And this is exactly what I like to see, kid writing. I love how they sound out things, how lines are turned into rainbows, and the snakes, lizards and insects crawling here and there.

These are a great way to save those early drawings and writings. And it’s super easy. The idea has been floating around in blogland for months and I’ve made these several times for my kids as well as for gifts. They really are great and so simple to make just by running them through your sewing machine on the longest stitch or stapling will work as well. All it takes is some card stock, paper (6 pages per book turns out well), and anything you have around to decorate it with- stickers, stamps, punches. You could really go to town with these and make them extravagant or very simple.

These were enjoyed over at Auntie “Mimi’s” yesterday along with ham, cake (it was also Hayden’s birthday), a huge egg hunt, and plenty of sugar to go around. I hope your Easter was a happy day as well!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Fini on March 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    oh my goodness those are so cute! Im stealing that idea for KK bday!!!


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