Years Later

Could it be…

Is that a finished sweater? Is that the one I started over 6 years ago?

My First Fair Isle

Yes, folks- I do knit and on occasion, finish a project as well. It took me a long time to finish this sweater, but I’m happy to say that it’s done… except for one thing:

Does anyone know about blocking?

Pattern Close-Up

I’ve never blocked anything so I don’t know what I should do in this case. The sweater is Debblie Bliss’ Shawl-Collared Fair Isle Cardigan from her “Quick Baby Knits” book. (Quick?  Yeah right.)  I used her Rowan Cotton Glace yarn and read that you usually don’t block cotton.  In other places I’ve read that you must block anything that’s fair isle so I’m stuck.

Fair Isle on Ms O

If I block this, then won’t it simply reshape itself after each wash?  Hmmm…  Any thoughts or suggestions?


5 responses to this post.

  1. I think it’s beautiful.

    I have never blocked anything. I don’t get it. Maybe if I was doing some kind of lace shawl, which doesn’t even appeal to me.


  2. Blocking usually helps even out stitches and give the knitting a nice consistent fabric. Your sweater doesn’t appear oddly lumpy or uneven, so I wouldn’t worry about the blocking. You are right in thinking washing will technically be blocking.
    For example when I block an item, I soak it in water and wool wash or mild detergent, spin out the excess water if the yarn can handle that, then lay flat to dry.
    I absolutely love the sweater and am bummed that I read your post after I made my post today or I would have linked your knit!


  3. It’s sooo funny that I find and visit your blog (from Marcy’s)~mushroomvillagers~after finding this cute crochet pattern: LOLOL!

    Your sweater is GORGEOUS! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  4. Great job! I think it would take me longer than 6 years to finish a fair isle sweater…


  5. Blocking can make a huge or subtle difference. I soak mine and spin out like Heather. Then I reashape where I want to and lay flat to dry on a towel. Yes, everytime you wash it, you’ll want to repeat this process. It doesn’t really take any time at all. It’s a beautiful sweater. Great job.


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