Finally- Snitches, Wands and Bubbles

Edward, my middle one, turned 4 several weeks ago, but we finally had his party today. We had to cancel it twice due to several bouts of different viruses both of which were extremely contagious and ones we didn’t want spread to anyone else.

After many weeks, we finally were able to gather our family and friends together for some:


Eddie and His Cake

Chris made this “Golden Snitch” cake (from Harry Potter) for Eddie by pouring the cake batter into a large pyrex bowl, baking then inverting it onto a foil covered pizza pan. He made a yellow butter cream frosting and covered it with metallic gold sanding sugar. He used black gel icing for the design on the cake and two gold spray-painted cardboard wings to finish it off. Eddie loved it!

And there were wands:

Carved Wands

These were carved out of apple, maple and rhododendron branches. They were also sanded down and oiled to keep them from getting brittle. These were a hit for all the little ones that came.

And lastly, some enormous bubbles:

Gigantic Bubbles

We did something similar for Eddie’s 2nd birthday and wanted to do it again since he still loves bubbles- who doesn’t?!

Chris made the bubble solution using Joy dish washing soap, corn syrup and water. He made gigantic “wands” out of two sticks and some rope with a washer to help give the rope some shape when forming the bubbles. (I have no idea where he retrieved all his info or else I would link some sites. I do know it was all off of the internet so I’m sure you can find great info too if you just google it.)

Jump for Bubbles

Some tips when bubble making:

  • There can’t be too much wind. The wind pushes the bubbles out too fast and they break before the kids can get to them.
  • When forming the bubbles, keep your wands up high away from the kids. Seal off the bubble, by bringing the sticks together THEN let the kids pop them. If the bubble is popped before it is free from the rope, you will have to re-dip your rope in the solution.
  • You need ALOT of solution and a bucket or pan to dip all the rope into.
  • The colder the weather the better bubbles. Don’t try and do this on a 100 degree day. The bubbles won’t form well and won’t last long enough for the kids to enjoy.

So all in all, Eddie had a great day with lots of friends and family even if it was weeks delayed! Happy 4th my love.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Happiest Belated Birthday!


  2. Hard to believe he’s already 4. Time flies…

    (We, however, aren’t getting any older. ha ha)


  3. That looks like one awesome birthday party.


  4. Posted by Fini on April 21, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    Happy Happy Birthday Eddie Freddie! We miss you!!


  5. Posted by Lori on April 22, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Happy belated birthday to Eddie! Sounds like you guys had fun – loved those bubbles at his 2nd birthday party too!



  6. Posted by Melissa on April 25, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Happy Happy to Eddie! My 4yo is also into Harry Potter—for some fun crafts related to Master Harry, see, under “making” you’ll see the area for “wizardry and magic”


  7. Looks like a great party! I’m so impressed by the cake and the wands. And bubbles like that are certainly “magical.”


  8. Posted by Ilia on May 17, 2010 at 4:09 am

    I have a question about the part where you mention using a washer to give shape to the ropes used for the giant bubbles, What kind of washer did he use, can you describe this step in more detail, I’m trying to do an activity of the sort with my preschool students! Thanks!


    • Llia,
      My husband just put a washer on there to add some weight to the rope. It holds the rope down and open so that the bubbles can form. I think you could use any ol’ washer you have around. Just make sure it’s big enough to fit your rope through and is heavy enough to pull the rope down.


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