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I think July has to be one of the best months to live in the NW. You have your pick of fresh foods from cherries loaded on dwarf trees which my littlest can reach to every berry you can imagine to the best veggies nobody can resist.

Loaded Trees

Last week we picked Ranier, Bing and Van cherries and brought home over 50 pounds. Since then, we’ve made 4 cherry pies (don’t worry- we gave all but one away), 3 batches of cherry freezer jam, cherry crisp (not the tastiest recipe, but it worked) and cherry clafoutis (CLA-foo-tea). I didn’t use Alicia’s recipe, but used one from our favorite French cookbook. Chris loves this book and has tried many recipes and *all* of them have been superb.

The Boys' Bounty

This week we hit one farm and came home with marionberries, boysenberries, raspberries, and blueberries. I have enough for at least 5 pies (pre-measured in baggies) and enough for pancakes, muffins, crepes and snacking. These frozen bags of goodness help us get through all those rainy winter months. We also grabbed some snow peas, beets (my favorite), and pole beans. Morning Shade Farm is wonderful because they have it all! I was mad I had just bought a gigantic jar of honey from Costco because the farm had fresh honey too! Chris even gave the kids a quick honeybee lesson because the hives were next to the berries and we all got a chance to sit and watch them work. It was a great day.

I plan on hitting the farm again next week and stocking up on more of the summer’s harvest because before I know it, fall will be here. We’re going to enjoy every bit of our NW’s freshness in the meantime!


Bubble Worms

“I’m bored” has been an often used phrase around here. I’m busy, Chris is busy and the kids are going nuts. I found this “Super Foam-erator” idea from this post and was amazed how fast and easy it was!

Bubble Worms

The kids loved it and the best part was that all of my kids could do this easily. Ms O loved making the long worms and Eddie was the champion blower.

Bubble Worms

Directions can be found here, but really all you need is a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, a rubber band, some terry cloth, and some sort of bubbly soap poured into a lid. It’s stuff everyone has around the house already- love it!

Simply cut off the bottom half of the plastic bottle and attach a small piece of terry cloth with the rubber band. (The thiner the cloth the better since the kids have to blow through it.) Get the cloth wet, dip it into the soap and blow. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and results in alot of fun. I do have to warn you to remind the kids to breathe in through their nose and out their mouth. My boys keep sucking the bubbles up into their mouths through the bottle because they were breathing out and in with through their mouths. Funny, but not really…

Anyhoo, try it out today. It’s hot, the pool’s up and there’s plenty of sewing to be done. Keep them busy and happy!

I won!

I won just about the best give-away ever: Mr Monkeysuit’s mini prize!

Lucky Me

As you can see, the prize wasn’t “mini” in any way. Her package came smellin’ luscious and yummy before I opened it. It was filled with all sorts of goodies for face, hair, skin and house most of which aren’t in the photo because they’re gone already. She made a beautiful cosmetic roll and I think it’s even made out of linen.  (Man, she’s generous. I’ve never given away linen.) She also included cute postcards and everything had awesome labels which I wanted to buy immediately.

After trying all her homemade beauty and bath products, I had to have more so I bought this book which she recommended. It’s full of how-to information as well as storing and packaging. Now I need to whip up some of my own batches because I’m just about out of all my free samples. Thank you Josie!

BTW- Check out her newest tutorial on matchbook notepads. How cute are those?!

Weekend Highlights

Spelunking in Central OR:

Spelunking In Central OR

After 3 hours we didn’t find any Morels, but kids are still happy:

Dirty, but Happy

Catching up with our horse friends:

Not Scared

Feed, bathed and now happily relaxing in the sun:

Catchin' Some Rays

We hope you had a great 4th of July as well!

Saving the Singer

My New Oldie

Grandma had this oldie in a Goodwill pile, but I quickly stole it. Isn’t she beautiful? A machine like this deserves a name. How does Sally sound? Wonderful! Sally it is…

I tried to sew on Sally a few month’s ago, but she smelt like burnt rubber. I put her away because I figured she needed a tune-up and I couldn’t justify the expense when I had another machine to sew on. I took Sally out again last week because of a large project which requires me sew through many layers of home dec fabric. I think it’ll wear my Janome out too fast, but Sally should have no problem.

My aunt told me that for the older, all metal machines, you can pretty much tune it up yourself. I bought some oil specifically for sewing machines at my local grocery store and had Chris oil the parts he thought needed it. Voilá , it works! In fact, it was very clean and was probably tuned-up up years ago and never used much.

I was even able to buy a manual for it online here for $10 and had it downloaded less than 30 minutes later. Now I know what all the gadgets and levers are for- cool! She’s loud, but she’s a work horse and I love her. Thank you Grandma for saving her all these years!


Thank you to Sew Mama Sew! for encouraging me to write a tutorial for the grocery bags/totes I’ve been sewing. It’s up on their blog so check it out if you have a minute. And since I’m their Forum hostess, if you have any questions regarding the tutorial, please post it there and I’ll be sure to answer quickly. Also, July is Summer Sewing month so check back often for many great projects and ideas. I can’t wait!

Oh, and thanks to Craft for picking up my Tote tutorial as well.  Woohoo!

More Trees Please

I’ve been so busy lately that I did not notice I used the last of my Amy Butler Forest line fabric. It’s the heavier home dec fabric and I’ve used it for so many things. I *love* this fabric and really wish more will be printed. Does anyone know if it will or is it long gone?


I did finish the last of Fini’s birthday presents and the package arrived so I am free to post these pictures.


At her request, I made her another CD Poket and a lunch bag. The lunch bag had to be big enough to hold a frozen meal and a can of soda. I hope this one fit the bill.


It’s large measuring 10″ across the top, 12″ high and 15″ across the bottom with 2½” gussets. (I love gussets! I put them in everything.) I added a magnetic closure because it seemed to need it. I wanted to do a roll-up one something like this pattern, but with the interfacing, heavy fabric and lining, I thought it was just too thick to try to roll and velcro closed.

Anyhoo, it’s done and I even found my new favorite song downloading some tunes she requested. I could seriously listen to this song all day long, but I can’t because some little people in my house insist on listening to this at least 20 times a day as well. I guess it could be worse… (Yep, this one’s Daddy’s favorite.)