Infant Kimono Outfit

Yup.  This outfit cost me $2.99 in fabric.  No, I didn’t include the bias tape, thread, needles or any of that stuff because that would ruin the $2.99 fun.

Joann’s was having a sale and Fini couldn’t believe I bought more fabric, but come on!  Two dollars and ninety-nine cents for a yard of this SUPER cute flannel?  I had to have it.

And now for the nitty-gritty sewing details and problems with this outfit:

1.  The pattern is Simplicity “It’s So Easy” #3941.

2.  No, it’s not so easy with all that darn bias tape and criss-cross-crap.

3.  You can see ugly seams on the inside of the kimono top.  It really should be lined.

4.  The pattern is for xxs-L which turns out to be newborn to 18 months.  Aren’t you not supposed to have string around a baby?  I wanted to use my snap press, but the part that you push down into the snaps is the wrong size.  I tried to find a die that fits or snaps that fit, but I think my snap press is just too old to find parts for…  dang-it.

5.  Sorry, is this post too negative?  Oh well, it’s late.

6.  After finishing the top and the pants, (BTW- the rise on the pants is about an inch too long.  By the rise, I mean, the length from the crotch to the waist.)  Anyway, after finishing the top, I put it next to the pants and I can already tell without trying it on baby, that it’s ***way*** too wide.  I know the newborn this outfit is meant for will be swimming in this!

7.  So now, with the top too wide, I take a look at ripping it all apart…  NO way.  Not with all the bias tape and ties sewn in all over the place.  It stays wide.

8.  For the bias tape, THIS is the BEST tutorial ever for helping you get your corners nice and tidy.  I finally get it!  (You don’t want to know how long I’ve spent on bias tape corners.)

9.  The bias tape around the pant hem was took a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

10.  Do you all know about sewing teeny sleeves and stuff right-side out, but still sew on the wrong-side?  Really-  you must, must, must learn to do it this way.  Of course, Kathy explains it much more eloquently- “sew a circular seam from the opposite side”.  It has taken so much headache out of sewing those darn little areas!  Please check it out and yes, sit down and try it.  I promise, you will not regret it.

Okay, I hit 10 so that’s enough.  It is now AM and I’m still up.  Crazy.  This is the only way I can blog, sew and keep my house semi-clean.

Mary stop laughing.  Yes, my house is semi-clean.


7 responses to this post.

  1. I love that fabric Irene. You continue to be domestic hero.


  2. Is it weird to want a pair of these in 35 year old size?


  3. Posted by hillfini on October 17, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    LOVE the it! I need to try it out:)


  4. Oh my goodness, that fabric is too die for. I love the colors and the print, and why can’t I find something for $2.99?? It may not been alot of fun to sew, but it sure looks great.


  5. ah, but it looks cute.

    (I’ve made those similar kimono’s that Martha Stewart has on her website, and the exposed seams bug me)

    My house is a mess and I don’t even have anything cute to show for it…


  6. Posted by paperseed on October 21, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Cute! Reminds me of this pattern (http://habitual.wordpress.com/kimono/) that I’ve been meaning to try for ages!


  7. What a cute outfit! Thanks for the link, btw. 🙂


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