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Three Bridesmaids Dresses Done!

(Pattern is Simplicity 6644)

Three bridesmaid dresses made by ME!  I can’t believe it myself, but they are done and I am a very happy lady.  I’m not sure if I’d do them again, but I learned ALOT:

1. Fabric that doesn’t seem like it can stretch – CAN! You have to follow those darn arrows on the pattern. They actually mean something! (Which is that you must line up the arrow so that it is parallel to the selvage- um, yah, just like it says to do on the pattern layout. Duh.)

2. Trust yourself. Yes, you can adjust a pattern to fit everyone. It really isn’t rocket-science people. Those pattern makers are not Gods so just go for it! (I had to adjust the pattern for the largest girl in the picture. I got it to fit even though the largest pattern size was 7″ too small! And folks, I did it all with a ruler, freezer paper and my bright kitchen floor.)

3. Learn to use your blind hem foot. This is the newest foot I’ve tried and I love it! It makes those hems that all you see is a small tack every inch or so. It looks so professional!

4. GET A SERGER. Seriously. It moves up your sewing to a whole new level. (I found one of CL for $200- more on that later.)

5.  Basting is your friend.

That’s about it.  Now onto a little one’s quilt that was promised 6 months ago.


Weight Watchin’

I’ve mentioned that I have been keeping track of my points.  It really hasn’t clicked yet for me, but I did make this little ditty which I’ve been wanting to share with y’all.


I figure that getting organized can’t hurt and heck, why not make it cute.  Maybe it’ll remind me to write things down and look things up instead of popping this and that into my mouth.

My notebook measures 7″ x 16″ when opened with each inside pocket measuring a 7″ square.  They are lined to give the pocket a little stiffness.  I can fit everything in there including my journal, points calculator and miscellaneous papers passed out at the meetings.


Everything is secured with the infamous FOE which I love in this case.  The FOE stretches a little so it’s easily slipped around the notebook to open, but then holds everything in when wrapped to the front.  It’s sewn in between the layers on the back panel.

Keeping It Together

I’ve made several of these and really like Peltex for the interfacing.  It’s stiff enough and the fabric adheres nicely without much trouble.  I tried Timtex, but it was too hard to sew through and the fabric puckered.

I carry my little notebook with me almost everywhere and love it.  Overall, it’s a quick and easy project that has made my calorie counting a little more bearable.

***  If you have any good recipes to share, please leave a comment!  ***

Leia, Not Jesus

Ms O was asked if she was Jesus for Halloween.  What?!

Happy Halloween!

I guess the robe does look more like something Jesus wears and not the usual Leia dress.  Oh well.  The boys’ robes were undeniably Jedi robes and were easy to make by loosely following a wizard pattern I had from last year.  Easy, especially since these did not have a lining or wand pockets.

Leia is Protected

We had a great time and I was so proud of Ms O walking the entire loop!  We had a TON of candy and I’ve already put it all away since there was too much consumed already.  Yikes, my points!