Forgotten Favorites

Today I took a quick glance over my blog posts and realized I hadn’t written much about some of my favorite projects from as far back as May.  I wanted to share these few favorites:

Ms O's Favorite

Ms O’s skirt made with this great Oliver & S free pattern.  I love this simple idea and she adores this skirt.  Today she found my pink pom-pom stash so I guess I’ll be making her something soon with more of this great stuff.  I think I may try some pants since these are too cute.  BTW- it’s really easy to add these to any hem.  They come attached to a flat rope-like ribbon that is easy to sew through, but at $4.99/yd I can’t buy as much as I’d like.  I’ve also made a two-layered version of this skirt which I think I like more, but don’t have any photos to share yet.

Summer Screen Door

Okay, they are a little funky and people still can’t get over why I have curtains hanging in my doorway, but I think they are wonderful.  These flutter in the wind, bring cheer to my doorway, and keep the peepers from peeking just as I imagined they would.

My Curtain Tote

And lastly, more totes.  These are by far my favorite.  I’m sure you all recognize the fabric which are Ikea curtains, but I added brown canvas to the top hem and handles.  I also made the handles a little longer than in my tutorial and the hem has nice hidden seams which makes the tote look tidy.

All these summer pictures are making me wish for those warm days again.  Currently it’s raining pouring outside and I’m under a yet-to-be-constructed fleece blanket.

And I’m still cold!


2 responses to this post.

  1. What fun projects!


  2. Posted by Lori on December 5, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    Congrats on those dresses! I hope you got paid!! 🙂 That’s very impressive! I’ve sewn for myself only, but my Mom has taken on projects like that, and it seems so stressful! Good for you – and happy holidays!!


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