Hourglass Quilt

It’s finally done- my little one’s hourglass quilt.

Ms O's Quilt

And I’m absolutely in love with it.  I love the colors, the pattern and of course, love that I made it.  Many of the fabrics are from Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market line.  This has to be my favorite collection of all time!

Ms O's Quilt

I’ve been thinking about this quilt ever since we moved Ms O into her twin bed this summer.

Ms O's Quilt

I was supposed to have it done by her birthday in June.  It came and went and still no quilt.  Then fall hit, but Nana saved the day with a thick comforter which we put to use right away.

It’s a large quilt about 92 x 64.  I know- it’s a weird dimension.  I still can’t calculate things right, but it fits on Great Grandma’s pineapple bed.  I didn’t use a pattern, but followed AmandaJean’s tutorial.  I cut my squares 8″ then cut and sewed those together for a total of 140 hourglass squares.  For the batting,  I used Warm and White- again thanks to AmandaJean.  With all the white cotton, the Warm and Natural I usually use would have tinted the pure whiteness of the quilt.  The Warm and White is wonderful and I’m seriously considering buying a whole bolt!  (It’s currently 50% off at Joann’s.)

I love tucking her in at night and wrapping the quilt around her tiny body in the big bed.

Handmade makes everything cozier.


10 responses to this post.

  1. It’s gorgeous! I just love the fabrics you used. I’m sure she loves being wrapped up in it!


  2. Beautiful, cozy, perfect. O is a lucky little girl to have a loving Mama like you.


  3. It’s beautiful! I love it!


  4. It’s so pretty Irene. And I love your new header too.

    Hope January is treating you well. No rain this week. I’m so relieved, to get the kids outside.


  5. i love it!! Great color choices.


  6. It’s beautiful.


  7. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Actually, yes, I have tweaked and “perfected” a hacky sack pattern that works great for me. I’ll post it to my blog in the next week or so. Thanks for visiting!


  8. What a beautiful quilt, I love those fabrics too.


  9. Hey! I remember cutting that lovely Dahlia fabric for you! The quilt looks darling! If only I could be as wonderful at quilting…maybe one day!


  10. […] little pink lover.  Ms O was a little confused because these fabrics are the same ones I used for her quilt, but she soon got over it and was twirling with happiness this […]


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