Patchy Moondance

I was the very lucky winner of Dana’s Moondance giveaway weeks & weeks ago, but just got around to posting about this great fabric!

Moondance is a new Free Spirit line by Jenean Morrison.  (All the links are on Dana’s great blog- House of Roux which is one of my must-read bloggers.)

I think this is one of those fabric lines that is a stash staple.  There are tons of different projects you could use this for from pillows to quilts to purses or…

Patchy Moondance


I made this skirt over New Years, but man- I had a hard, hard time deciding what to do with this fabric.  I wanted to use this fabric for so many projects that I kept hesitating from cutting it up.  The giveaway was two ½ yard pieces and one fat quarter.  I almost didn’t use it because I could see my overflowing scrap bin with which I could easily make this from…

BUT, I really wanted to try out this new pattern and I wanted to use this great giveaway fabric so the decision was made.

Patchy Moondance Skirt

I hate to say, the pattern was a little disappointing. The layout is jumbled with slanted black & white photos and steps spread out on one huge piece of paper.  It really depends on your style.  I’m a skimmer and more of a visual learner so I love good photos.  I don’t regret buying the pattern and love that it includes a huge size range (6 mos- 7 years).  I know I will refer to this pattern many more times, but I need to make myself slow down and read the pattern next time.

Needles to say my Moondance was used up, but I don’t regret it one bit ’cause now I get to buy more.  I see another hourglass quilt in my near future.


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  1. The skirt is adorable. Really cute. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for that fabric.


  2. It’s funny, I did a pattern review for Sew, Mama, Sew on the Girly Stripwork Skirt Pink Fig pattern, and had issues with a lot of typos and little mistakes. But, like you, I still liked the pattern a lot, and know that I will use it again and again (I’ve already made three skirts with it). The Pink Fig website is very helpful, you can check to see if she has any corrections or notes and hints about your specific pattern there.

    Nice work on the skirt, I bet your little girl loves twirling about in it!


  3. Still, always impressed. 🙂


  4. I met Jenean at Quilt Market and she was really nice. I noticed her because she was wearing dresses made of her fabric. It’s not super show-y, so it could have been overlooked in the chaos, but as a dress it was a standout.

    Today at preschool a mom was wearing a great skirt made of patchwork rectangle stripes with everything on the bias. It was swishy and good. I could see your girl skirt made diagonally and worn by the mama.

    Just a thought.


  5. So cute! A great use of the fabrics.


  6. Love the skirt and the fabric. Great choice.


  7. I love reading your blog and seeing all the great things you are making. I nominated you for a kreavtiv Blogger award. If you visit my site you can get all the details!
    take care!


  8. I’m sorry to hear the pattern didn’t work out so well, but the finished product looks nice. Love the fabrics.


  9. […] Pink’d Out 2009 March 15 by Irene I said that I would give this pattern another try. […]


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