This week we had DAYS of gorgeous sun, but also had two openings.


The first is the highly awaited transit line, WES, which connects Wilsonville to Beaverton.  We’ve been looking forward to this train for awhile now because it gives us another option than driving or taking the bus to either city.  For us, Wilsonville is south on I-5 and Beaverton is west.  Either city is a bear to drive to when it’s rush hour, but now we have options.


The kids and I went and loved it.  The interior is warm and cozy with soft seats!  It costs around $2 and kids are free.  It’s not like our other rail line- MAX– in that it runs on diesel power and uses the regular railroads.  Our WES station is about a 2 mile walk from home, but I have a feeling we’ll be walking to this great little adventure often.

The other opening is our new little park!

New Park

Woo-hoo!  We’ve walked here just about every day this week and have enjoyed every feature.  Since it’s on a huge grass field which is used by many, the park is more of a “sculptural” playground.  The kids love all the climbing options and Eddie is addicted to the rail-less slide.   (I’ve tried it and it’s way scarier than you think.)  It’s been so much fun having a park we can easily walk to in 10 min.  Before, if we wanted to play at a park, we had to drive or pack a meal and stretch before our 3-mile hike.

New Park

So Fini, houses are at an all time low, new park, new cheap train, nearly two weeks of dry weather- how about it?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, I LOVE that park! What fun!!!


  2. Interesting! I don’t know anyone who has taken that train yet, so I’m glad you had a good experience. Great Park!


  3. I know! We were just looking at the house on 63rd ave. Wouldnt that be nice;) Could you change it to summer there?


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