Pink’d Out

I said that I would give this pattern another try.

Patchwork Skirt

I did things a little differently this time, – chain piecing the layers, making both tiers at the same time and using the serger for most of the sewing.

Another Outfit

I also made two skirts at the same time.  (It’s SO much more efficient!) One for a cousin’s birthday and one for my little pink lover.  Ms O was a little confused because these fabrics are the same ones I used for her quilt, but she soon got over it and was twirling with happiness this morning.

With Matching Shirt

Things I love about this pattern- Pink Fig’s Patchwork Skirt.

– I love all the top-stitching.  I always think it’ll be a pain, but really it goes fast and the result is so cool.

– I love that you can use as many fabrics as you want and you could easily use scraps.  Did I?  Heck no, that would mean having to sort and I can’t possibly do that.

– I love the fit.  It hangs just right.  So cute.

– I love the accurate measurements.  Things fit nicely together!  I’m always worried when I see an exact band measurement, like for this skirt the band at the bottom hem.  I don’t know how accurate I truly was sewing all those little squares together and gathering, etc.  For this skirt, I’ve made it three times now and each time the band fit perfectly in place with no stretching or bunching in order to get it to fit.  Love that!

Love Patchwork

This pattern goes up to size 7 so for $11 this pattern is a great deal.  I know I will be making many more in the years to come although hopefully with not so much pink!


7 responses to this post.

  1. What a cute skirt – it turned out beautifully!


  2. Posted by eatfruit on March 16, 2009 at 2:54 am

    This is so cute, but looks a bit time consuming for my patience level. Love it though.


  3. Posted by paperseed on March 18, 2009 at 5:41 am

    I like the pink!


  4. Flouncy at its best. Girly at its prettiest. Fabulous mom/seamstress at her most talented!


  5. It certainly looks beautiful. Far too scary looking for me to even think about attempting it, though. The combination of putting together that many fabrics and hoping it would all come together at the right size would keep me up at night worrying. My daughter will have to put up with jeans…


  6. oooh, I love! so cute!


  7. […] was excellent with just enough sewing to keep me busy, but not drive me mad. I sewed some more skirt outfits for all the girls and some pjs for all the boys. Also made 11 of these great coloring wallets. I […]


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