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Oh Ottobre

G and I have been freakin’ out over this design mag.  There’s so much packed into each one.  From the patterns (usually 30 or so), to the many photo examples and sewing tips.  We have fallen in love with these Finnish folk.

Ottobre Bermudas

While up at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo back in March, I thought I got suckered into spending $70 for a magazine subscription that I wasn’t sure I would even like. I had been thinking about a subscription to a sewing magazine for some time, but I was never sure which one to spend the dough on.  They are spendy!


Turns out this was the best money I’ve spent in a long time!  I did order both the womens and kids which is why it was so much, but I don’t regret it ONE BIT.  I ordered my subscription from here while up at the Expo, and I’m very pleased how fast I received my first one.  Now, with that said, I can’t guarentee the same for you if you decide.  G ordered hers three weeks ago and still has not received her first magazine yet. (I’ve already received this seasons’.)  She’s been borrowing mine for the time being and has studied it down to the children’s eye shape.  (Sorry G, had to sneak that in!)  You could also order it directly from the Ottobre site.

Front pockets

So the shorts were made from the latest Summer ’09 magazine.  They are “Bermudas” and Eddie picked out the fabric which was on sale for super cheap. The bad part is that a lot of the great detail which drew me to this pattern is lost due to all the darn patchwork.

Front and Back

I love the mock fly which makes these look a little less homemade than the usual ones I make.  I also like all the pockets.  I did not like sewing the elastic in place instead of a casing.  It was really hard to stretch and sew, but I think that may have been due to the elastic I was using- some thrift store find. Yuck. The pattern calls for belt loops and also a tie, but I opted out.  These took me way too long to sew as it was with 4 pockets per pair, mock fly and all the topstitching.

Now that I’ve got the pattern for each boy traced and cut out with my adjustments, another pair should be alot faster to whip out.  Hopefully with fabric that’s not so busy next time!



Cut it down or keep some for the birds…

Saturday's Project

I think he’s going to cut it down.  (Do you see him up there hanging on for dear life?)  Hopefully his chance of survival is greater that way.

For those who know our backyard, you understand what a big deal this is.  Chris has wanted this birch down since moving in almost 10 years ago.  It’s just too dangerous to try and top which is what he’s done with several of the trees in the yard.  Let’s just hope it falls in the right direction!


I’ve decided that I’m not sewing sleeves anymore.

Sundress #4

And I’ve acquired a new addiction: sundresses.

Sundress #1

And as you can see, Ms O loves to wear them.  I’ve made 5 dresses in 3 days.  I think I may continue making one a day until there’s a nice collection.

Sundresses #2 & 3

For the pattern, I used Sandi Henderson’s Portabellopixie Claire pattern.

Okay Sandi, how in the heck are you making any money off these patterns?

For $16, you just about get a book!  There’s TWENTY pages in the pattern.  There are colored illustrations, photos and pages of instructions  She teaches you how to make bias tape & piping, how to shirr and two ways to gather.  The pattern back shows 4 dress options, but really that’s just the beginning.  You could make umpteen dress combination’s with her awesome instructions.

Sundress #1

All that said, I only made the petal knot dress without the apron and knot.  I love the proportions of the band width, amount of gather and the simple lined bodice.  These dresses fit Ms O perfectly and she looks too darn cute in it.

They Twirl!

Each dress takes very little time without those darn sleeves.  I’d rather sew on buttons and make buttonholes any day than sew a sleeve.  I’m tired of the hemming, gathering and easing in to fit a sleeve.  It takes way too long.


Although, I did make this Burda dress again, but you know how much I love this dress.  I will make sleeves for something this cute.  All in moderation I say.

Easter Dress

It was supposed to be for Easter, but you know how that goes.

Easter Dress

I would love to buy yards and yards of this Moda Wonderland line, but have to make due with what I have.  (Worse case scenario is now the best case for LO schools and I’m sure PP schools are in deeper trouble.)  The great thing about these dresses is that you can use different little pieces of fabric so there’s not large single cuts of fabric needed.  I need stash busting projects and I’m sure you all could use it too.  🙂


My little Eddie-Freddie is 5. Five is a big birthday isn’t it?  They are a whole hand.

Pucker Up

Eddie is everyone’s favorite.  He loves Pokemon and mazes (pronounced “ahmazes”).   He has a crazy pine cone collection and idolizes Augie.  “O-yivia” is his best “yittle” sister and he is definitely Nana’s toko.

I'm Workin'

After days of thought, meatballs and couscous was chosen for his birthday dinner.  My cinnamon rolls were requested instead of cake.

Little Man

I dread his meltdowns, miss his kiki face, love our afternoon naps, and look forward to watching him begin school.  Happy 5th Birthday Eddie.  We yuv you!

A Winner

Little fingers just picked the winner:


Hey Janet- you won!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments.  Things around here have been busy with some wonderful record breaking temps.  The warm sun brought out our daffodils and we also stole some from Grandpa’s garden. img_9824

Hope you all are enjoying your week as well.

Two Conti…

As I was saying, I’ve hit two years blogging.  Hopefully, this year will lead to more posts.  As a celebration of sorts, I promised a little give-away.

Spring Totes

Up for grabs are two summer totes bright enough to chase any dreariness away.  These were made using the same measurements and directions in my tutorial.  These were also 100% made by my new baby who made beautiful stitches even with the thick nylon thread.

I do have to point out my matching of the pattern for the pockets.  I’ve been working on that more with handbags as well as other little projects.  I love the fussiness of it all.  I thought I’d never say that, but I guess that means I’m progressing in my sewing, eh?

Leave a comment to enter the give-away and I’ll pick a winner by Wednesday, the 8th.

Here’s to another year and hopefully another 100,000 hits- woo-hoo!