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Papa’s Pets

My dad never really liked pets.  He let us take in a stray or two, but they would disappear.  We had some fish here and there, a turtle and a bird.  Overall though, I do not remember pets playing a huge role in our lives.


Lately, I’ve been wanting a dog.  (Or another baby, but that’s not going to happen so dog it is.)  I never had a dog growing up and would love for the kids to have one to raise, care for and play with.

Eddie and his goats

In the meantime, my dad has been adding animals to his life.  He now has goats, ducks, chickens and horses occasionally.  Dad has about 3 acres which he maintains with the help of these pets.  It’s funny to hear him talk about his pets, their personalities, and all their quirky habits.


We finally made it out there to spend some time with the animals and of course, Papa & Penelope. 🙂

Ms O Sneaking a Peek

The kids had a blast and are still talking about hugging the goats and holding the babies.  Maybe someday we’ll get our chickens and a dog (fingers and toes crossed).  In the meantime, we’ll try to make it out more often to visit papa’s pets.


Memorable Morels

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  We had a great time up at the Ranch although we didn’t spend that much time actually on the ranch itself.  We went hunting.

Favorite Find

It was such a fun weekend.  On Saturday, we were out in the forest from about 9:30am until 6:30pm.  Ms O found the first morel of the weekend and it was one we all walked right on by!

Ms O

She was proud of her morel.

Her Prize

We walked and walked and walked.  The kids just kept on going.  Chris and I couldn’t help but take advantage of their love of the outdoors.

Favorite Log

Ms O entertained us with her singing, Eddie made us laugh with his special “mush-a-room” walk and Augie amazed us with his finds.


They are all so much closer to the ground than Chris and I so we had the best spotters ever.

Augie's Happy

At least that’s our excuse.

Few Hours Later

Needless to say, everyone got plenty dirty, but Ms I won the prize everyday.


Now we’re back home enjoying our bounty every night.  We fired up the dehydrator tonight, but we kept some out for a few more fresh morel dinners.  Oh, and yep, I plan on throwing some porcini burgers on the grill as well.



Happy Singing

The other half had his birthday today.  His dinner choice was Caesar salad (such an awesome recipe- I swear it’s better than any other), oven-baked red potatoes and lamb chops.

Birthday Dinner

Oh my!  I never knew these chops were so good.  Eddie and Olivia loved them too, but Augie stuck to his usual vegetarian fair.  We also had cake which is rare.  Everyone loved the cake so it may be made again someday.  Chris loved the chocolate chip surprise.

After dinner, we had a little sing-a-long. My kids were trying to sing like their little cousin.

Warning, many videos.  If you’re not family, you may not want to click