Happy Singing

The other half had his birthday today.  His dinner choice was Caesar salad (such an awesome recipe- I swear it’s better than any other), oven-baked red potatoes and lamb chops.

Birthday Dinner

Oh my!  I never knew these chops were so good.  Eddie and Olivia loved them too, but Augie stuck to his usual vegetarian fair.  We also had cake which is rare.  Everyone loved the cake so it may be made again someday.  Chris loved the chocolate chip surprise.

After dinner, we had a little sing-a-long. My kids were trying to sing like their little cousin.

Warning, many videos.  If you’re not family, you may not want to click


2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy birthday to him! That all looks so tasty.

    My daughter sings that same song all the time. She’s a much more enthusiastic perforner than her brother ever was at that age.


  2. performer not perforner…


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