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Newborns are so tiny!  Without their onesies, sleepers and blankets swaddling them, there’s nothing to them. No fat, very little hair and a teeny voice. So quickly you forget all these things.  Then your 7 year old holds one and you just about loose it right then and there.

Eliana's Quilt

This quilt was made for one such tiny girl who were were so lucky to finally meet today. Welcome Eli!


I don’t know about this quilt.  The colors are too muted, everything blends together and the binding is boring. I did have a ton of fun making it though.

Up Close of Free Motion Quilting

I decided that stippling or meandering is addictive.  I can’t wait to do it again. I feel artistic when I’m doing it.  I feel free and creative.  No lines to follow.  You can go fast or slow- whatever works best for you.

This is my first quilt using the technique of free motion quilting.  I love this video. I do have to warn you- this method uses a ton of thread!  I loaded 4 bobbins for this 45″ square quilt and I used every one of them.  Maybe as I get better with more practice, I may learn to use less.  I am going to get my thread here from now on.  It’s just too expensive otherwise and I can never remember to get it during those dumb “sales”.

Baby Quilt

Moving on. I have another baby quilt to make and of course my skirt so I better get my tush off the Mac and to the sewing table!

Oh, before I forget, here are the specifics:

1.) Quilt is a made of cotton with Warm and White for batting and flannel for the back.

2.) Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) is really a piece of cake once you remember to:

a.) Go at a consistent speed.  Too fast and you’ll skip stitches.  Too slow and you’ll get a knot of thread.

b.) Load tons of bobbins.

c.) Lower feed dogs and use darning foot.  FMQ is not possible without these two!

d.) Use a sharp needle!

3.) I used my Singer 15-91 for the quilting and I loved it.  I tried using my other machines, but Stella was so smooth, fast and her bobbin holds a ton.

4.) I used Amy Butler’s free Lotus Brick Path Quilt Pattern which can be found here.

5.) My rectangles were the same as in the pattern: 4½ x 7 ½.  I have 11 rows and each row had 7 rectangles= 77 total rectangles of 9 different fabrics.

6.) Nine different fabrics weren’t enough.  Should have used 12.  It was too hard to vary the pattern.

7.) Should have used sashing between the rows or a border or something.  Pattern was muted.

8.) Used my ½” bias tape maker for the binding and machine stitched it on- both front and back.  Should have did it by hand and made my binding a little wider.  (2½ inches like she suggests.)

The End!


Summer Stuff

Before Summer flies on by, I wanted to document a little of what we’ve been up to.

First off, the boys climbed Black Butte.  This picture was taken 2 days before a large forest fire destroyed almost 600 acres very close to where these two sat.  Chris plans on taking them back up there next year so they can see the before and after damage of a fire.

Top of Black Butte

It was Eddie’s first time climbing the butte and Augie’s second. Nope, I didn’t go, but I’m thinking about it. (Climbing a mountain is still second to shopping in Sisters.)  They had a great time and I was especially happy that they both came back with zero blisters.  I guess spending a little more dough on real hiking boots pays off.

The boys also got to go sailing on the Willamette.  Although it’s a Superfund Site, eeeeew, they still had a blast jibing and tacking (or whatever the heck it’s called) on the river.  We think Augie will be sailing around the world sometime in his lifetime because he stayed on top the boat in the front the entire time.

Saling on the Willamette

He loved it.  Eddie was still feeling his sea legs at 9pm that night.  Poor kid.

And lastly, we rescued a hawk.

Injured Sharp-Shinned Hawk

I found this sharp-shinned hawk on our deck one morning and noticed he could not fly high enough to clear the deck railing.  He escaped into our backyard by slipping through railing and gliding down into the backyard.

We have a green space off of our backyard so it was easy to “corner” the hawk and catch him with a net.  The kids did great slowly and gently herding him towards Chris so that he didn’t have to chase it down.

Hawks' tailfeathers

We turned the hawk into our Audubon shelter where hopefully he will recover.  We should get a call soon letting us know the diagnosis and if he does recover enough to be released, we can watch them release the hawk back into our green space.  Isn’t that so cool?

Well, that’s my summer.  I’m still working on many little sewing projects, but am too distracted by summer to get it together enough for a blog post.  I am going to get my skirt done for my sew-along!  How is yours going? 😉

Summer Skirt Sew-Along

Summer Skirt Sew-Along

I decided to host my first sew-along. The Summer Skirt Sew-Along is very casual, anyone can join, and all skill levels are welcome. Simply pick out a pattern, some fabric and join in the fun!

Check out my post in SewMamaSew!’s Forum for details.

Happy Sewing!

1991 vs 2009

It’s been over 15 years since I have crocheted anything. In college, Chris dared me to crochet him a blanket thinking I did not have the patience to make one.  Well, I made him one, but I also totally burned out on crocheting.

1991 Afghan

This blanket is huge, heavy and really not very warm- I think it’s all those darn holes.  I mean, really?  Who wants a blanket that purposely has holes? I never understood the granny square.

Big Enough

And for sometime, it seemed like crocheting was so not cool.  It was something your Grandma did and you accepted the ugly blankets with a smile then tried your best to hide it when friends came over.  Terrible, wasn’t I?

Well, all that changed when I saw this lady’s awesome work last winter and I’ve been drooling over her stuff since.  This ripple and this hexagon are simply gorgeous!  The internet is amazing.  There are the coolest patterns everywhere and the best part is that most are free.  There’s step-by-step instructions with pictures, online shops to order yarn, and tons of pictures to inspire you.

2009 Afghan

So I started my own hexagon afghan over the 4th of July while attending our family reunion in Central Oregon. I think I had a few family members shaking their heads at what seems like an impossible task.  (Each hexagon takes me about 15 min to make and I think I’ll need over 200.) Yeah, it’ll take me months and months to finish, but I’m totally happy with it.  I love the colors and love that it’s a project I can take with me just about anywhere.  It’ll be prefect for the 3-week tennis camp the boys are starting soon.

Love this hook

I did have to go out and buy a new hook.  Hours of using a traditional hook was killing me.  This Colver Soft Touch hook is wonderful!  It hooks when you want it to, the yarn stays on until you want it off and it’s got a thick grip for easy handling. I recommend this hook to anyone.

So yes, after years of lying dormant, hooking is back in my life.  I want to jump into amigurumi next.  Isn’t it too cute?

Ms O is Three

Ms O's 3rd Birthday!

Dang.  Weeks have passed and I completely forgot to mention Livvie’s 3rd birthday!  Poor third child.  Anyway, we had a great time and so did she.

July 2008

We had her party at one of our local parks and had only a few people join us.

Ms I Driving

Ya know…? It was kind-a nice. I didn’t stress about things and the people we really spend time with are the ones who joined us.  It was prefect.

TV Watching

I made her a pettiskirt which of course she doesn’t like to wear.


That’s okay because it’s big enough so she can wear it for many more years.  How do I know?  Well, it’s a secret that I promised not to tell, but big brothers 5 & 7 loved trying it on and twirling around and around and around.  (It really fits Eddie perfectly, but you don’t know that okay?)

My Kids

So happy birthday to my little princess who loves to watch Pocahontas & Ariel in my bed with her kiki and blanky, loves toast with jam, and adores her brothers.  We love you!

June 2009