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Scared you, didn’t I? Bet you thought I was gone. Sorry yet again about the lack of posts. My blog just hasn’t been calling me lately. Kids, house, TV, books, knitting, sun, mushrooms, and dinner have gotten my full attention lately.


I’ve been around though- in the forum, tweeting, and lord help me- facebook.  There’s still been some crafting going on:

– I made this dress for a wedding and I never wore it. Let’s just say that it is NOT flattering for every figure.

– I’ve made more Swing Bags, but really want to try this messenger bag and  maybe even a Phoebe.

– Still plugging away on my hex afghan, but am re-thinking my yarn choice… would love to switch to this, but I think it would break the bank.

– I’m in the middle of costumes- we’ve settled on a fairy, anakin, and a morphed wizard with wings. Crazy, but I heading out to G’s house tomorrow for some sewing. Maybe I’ll catch up.

– Finally listened to Boomerang the other day while heading out the to coast range for some mushrooms. I’m sorry, but I didn’t like it. It’s been getting alot of great press from some bloggers, but I thought it was boring and it put Eddie to sleep.

– We all think Glee is awesome though. It’s the only show that gets me into my bed by 9pm so I don’t miss one second.  (You can watch all the episodes online. Yeah, you HAVE to.)

– I’m already starting the boy’s winter hats for this year. I love making hats and I love Ravelry. I can easily spend hours surfing that site. It’s a knitters dream! So if you’re not already a member, but want to get into or are already an avid knitter, you gotta sign up today.  Really.

Okay kids. That’s it for now. I promise to be back sooner rather than later. In the meantime, sew something. 🙂

ps- The photo is years old, but thought I had to post one of me so you’d remember who I was and this was the only decent one of me that I was willing to post.  I miss those babies! The one of the right is mine, Ms O, and the one on the left is my neice Amai. Seems so long ago, huh Fini?